Multi-Cloud Cross-Cloud Services VMware Cloud Universal

What’s New in VMware Cloud Universal, A Fast Path to Digital Transformation

We are in a new era of digital transformation where companies change how they operate, the experiences they deliver and even shift the culture within their business. Multi-cloud and modernized applications are accelerating today’s digital transformation. These technologies empower companies to:

• Create and deploy new services across a choice of hybrid, public, private, local
and edge clouds
• Build enterprise sovereignty and control their transformation journey
• Establish seamless operations across digital and physical environments

IT departments globally are becoming ‘cloud-smart,’ meaning that they use a multi-cloud approach to support different capabilities across the enterprise. For example, a company may use a public cloud provider for disaster recovery and a private cloud for data management. Applications now span from the traditional to cloud-native, with an increasing need to modernize core enterprise apps across multi-cloud, within the network, extending out to the edge.

The promise of multi-cloud and application modernization sounds great. How can your company get there with a unified, end-to-end approach across the applications, operations and multiple cloud infrastructure layers? What is a fast path to success?

VMware® Cloud Universal™ is a flexible subscription purchasing and consumption program for executing your digital transformation strategy. Your business can choose desired purchasing and consumption plans,
based on desired digital transformational initiatives. VMware Cloud Universal offers a comprehensive portfolio of software-as-a-service (SaaS) capabilities in a subscription-based model. The program brings solution choice and consumption flexibility across hybrid, private, edge and public environments. VMware Cloud Universal subscription options span a portfolio of multiple hybrid/public cloud infrastructures, unified cloud management, application containers with Kubernetes and disaster recovery.

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the VMware Cloud Universal program called VMware Cloud Universal Essentials. VMware Cloud Universal Essentials is designed to help you onboard into the VMware Cloud Universal program and optimize your subscription usage. With VMware Cloud Universal Essentials, your business can:

• Access to experts who are available to help you navigate and track your VMware Cloud Universal subscription usage
• Gain visibility into your consumption management and forecasting
• Convert applicable existing licenses and subscriptions to VMware Cloud Universal eligible offers

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