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Previously, we have shared some of our can’t-miss sessions at VMware Explore US this year. By popular demand, here’s a few more of our favorite sessions from the VMware Explore Content Catalog to help get you started.

Partner Sessions:

Improve Workload Performance With Optimized Stacks From Intel and VMware [OSM2655USS]

Notice: This is a sponsored session. When you attend a sponsored session at VMware Explore, your attendee information will be shared with the presenting sponsor. You may opt-in to receive communications directly from that sponsor and will be subject to their communications and privacy policy.

Cloud service providers offer an ever-growing number of instance types. But are you getting the most benefit from the instance you’ve selected? Workload performance depends not just on the instance but also on the software’s ability to utilize underlying features in the CPUs that power it. With open-source software, compiling and configuring can leave questions about how best to tune the software for a target instance. There are often many competing pre-compiled packages available to choose from. Join Intel and VMware Bitnami to discuss new optimized stacks for popular workloads that remove the guesswork, enabling available platform features by default. VMware’s Bitnami technologies package these stacks to support a variety of environments and deployment models, with frequent updates to the latest version of the application and its components.

Femi Oluwafemi, Manager, Intel

Type: Meet the Expert, Breakout Session

Building and Running Enterprise-Grade Spring Applications in the Cloud [CNAB1953US]

Spring is a framework that provides patterns and structures for many common things that a developer faces when building a modern application. In this session, we will discuss how to solve some of the common challenges of running enterprise-grade Spring apps at scale with Azure Spring Apps Enterprise Tier.

Asir Selvasingh, Principal Architect – Java on Azure, Microsoft

Scott Sisil, Manager, Product Management, VMware

Type: Breakout Session

Building a Delightful Developer Experience on Amazon EKS [CNAB1951US]

VMware and AWS extend their strategic partnership to bring Tanzu Application Platform to AWS. Tanzu Application Platform on AWS offers customers a superior developer experience with infinite scale and seamless integration on top of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Join us in this session where we will talk about how Tanzu Application Platform on AWS EKS helps customers to unlock developer productivity, and build a rapid and secure sustainable path to production that is integrated with the AWS ecosystem.

Samuel Des Baux, Director, Tanzu Application Platform – Cloud, VMware

Elvis Pappachen, SA, AWS

Ryan Baker, Tech Marketing Manager, VMware

Type: Breakout Session

Simplicity in a Complex World – App Modernization without Stress for IT Ops [DOS1513QUS]

In a complex, hybrid multi-cloud world with a heterogeneous mix of applications, it is more important than ever to leverage enterprise scale platforms to build, run and manage resilient applications. Whether you are a VM Admin working within a vCenter/vRealize construct, or a Backup/Storage Admin looking for one platform to support traditional, virtual and container-based workloads both on-prem and/or in the cloud, Veritas NetBackup can provide you with the operating environment you need. Just as Tanzu Mission Control provides a centralized hub for simplified multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes management for DevOps, NetBackup provides a single platform for data protection – including ransomware resiliency – enabling consistent data governance for IT Ops across a hybrid, multi-cloud, regardless of where you are in your application modernization journey. Let us show you how.

Jim Brown, Director of Strategic Alliances, Veritas

Mo Hasan, GTAM, Veritas

Type: Breakout Session


VMware Tanzu Data Services is a family of data-driven solutions built to store, process, and query critical data resources in real-time and at massive scale, both on-premises and in the multi-cloud world.

VMware Tanzu Data Services Deep Dive [CNAB2438USD]

The next generation of business reinvention is being driven by data. Businesses today rely on data-powered applications to inform key business decisions, improve user experience, and keep them competitive. VMware’s suite of data products helps power modern, intelligent applications. Join us in this session to learn about VMware’s data portfolio, including VMware Tanzu GemFire for in-memory computing and caching, VMware Greenplum for big data and analytics, VMware Tanzu SQL for relational database needs, and VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ for message brokering and event streaming service. Get a rundown of recent feature updates that help our customers run, analyze and scale mission-critical workloads across complex infrastructures.

Roger Freixa, Director Product Management, MAMBG, VMware

Type: Breakout Session

Ask Me Anything About VMware Tanzu Data Services [CNAM2404US]

VMware experts will answer any questions you have about VMware Tanzu Data Services, including VMware Tanzu GemFire, VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ, VMware Tanzu SQL, and VMware Greenplum.

Ed Byford, Product Lead, VMware

Type: Meet the Expert

VMware Image Builder:

VMware Image Builder automates the processes of packaging, verifying, and publishing across clouds. With VMware Image Builder, enterprises and ISVs can let go of the manual checks and validations and save the valuable time of developers and operators by reducing the typically steep learning curve they need to go through in adding new applications, operating systems, or targeting new platforms.

How CARTO Optimized Kubernetes with VMware Image Builder [DOSB2283US]

CARTO is the leading provider of localization intelligence solutions. In this session, you will learn how VMware Image Builder helped to automate the packaging, verification, and publishing of their Helm chart, and how this process is fully integrated with their existing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows and tools, getting the results at the beginning of the development phase. We will also dive deep into the different VMware Image Builder scopes: functional, security, performance, and compliance for all the supported formats (containers, Helm, Carvel, OVAs), and the multiple platforms supported (VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, Google Kubernetes Engine, Azure Kubernetes Service, Amazon EKS, VMware Cloud, and more). This talk will showcase a real-world ISV example of how VMware Image Builder optimizes the outer-loop cycle to verify content on multiple platforms.

Carlos Sánchez, Senior Manager, VMware

Beltran Rueda Borrego, Sr Engineering Manager, VMware

Alberto Asuero, CTO, CARTO

Type: Breakout Session

VMware Application Catalog:

VMware Application Catalog is a customizable selection of trusted, pre-packaged open-source application components that are continuously maintained and verifiably tested for use in production environments.

Secure Your Open Source Software Supply Chain with VMware Application Catalog [DOST2389US]

In this session, find out how to secure your open source software supply chain with VMware Application Catalog.

Kaushik Chatterjee, Director Product Management, VMware

Type: Tutorial, Breakout Session

Ask Me Anything About VMware Application Catalog [DOSM2253US]

VMware experts will answer any questions you have about VMware Application Catalog.

Carlos Sánchez, Senior Manager, VMware

Beltran Rueda Borrego, Sr Engineering Manager, VMware

Type: Meet the Expert

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