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The Essentials: Sessions You Can’t Miss during VMware Explore

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This year, VMware Explore finally returns as an in-person event from August 29 – September 1, 2022 in San Francisco, California. VMware Explore 2022 US will present topics that address a wide spectrum of customer needs and challenges across 12 unique tracks including Multi-Cloud, DevOps and DevSecOps, and Vision and Innovation. With over 600+ sessions across these 12 tracks, we make it simple for you by breaking down some can’t-miss sessions from the VMware Explore catalog.

Build, Run and Manage Geo-Distributed Modern Apps with Redis and VMware Tanzu [CNAB2322US]

Today’s developers use tools such as VMware Tanzu Application Platform and the Spring framework to build modern apps. However, without a modern, unified, in-memory data layer, these apps can’t scale with the pace of business, especially when business extends across the globe. With Redis Enterprise and VMware Tanzu, developers can build, run and manage geo-distributed modern applications with ease, leveraging a fast, highly scalable and resilient data caching layer that scales as you need it to. In this session, learn more about how Redis and VMware Tanzu work together to serve caching requirements across retail, financial services and many other industries.

Andre Srinivasan, Global Solutions Architect, Redis

Domino and VMware Tanzu: How Infrastructure Virtualization Accelerates Data Science [KUBB2156US]

Bringing Domino and VMware Tanzu together makes it easier for researchers and data scientists to access the compute resources they need to deliver business impact. Join this session with Domino experts to learn why and how a modern IT stack can get your data scientists focused on data science and not everything else. Our speakers will explain how Domino’s Enterprise MLOps Platform can be deployed on VMware Tanzu, then walk through a powerful data science use case in the financial services space. Domino’s software helps operators bring machine learning (ML) operations capabilities to the enterprise’s VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid clusters, while enabling data scientists to use the tools, languages and framework they love without dealing with infrastructure—all on GPU-accelerated hardware. Attend this session to learn more.

Josh Mineroff, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, Domino Data Lab

IT Modernization for Enterprise AI [KUBB1604US]

What is a full-stack data scientist? Kubernetes is great for handling bursty data science workloads, providing the infrastructure abstraction and compartmentalization required to manage the data science lifecycle. But do data scientists need to be full-stack experts with deep understanding of Kubernetes? No. Join this session with experts from Domino Data Lab, NVIDIA and VMware to learn why and how a modern IT stack can get your data scientists focused on data science.

Kaushik Chatterjee, Director Product Management, VMware

Josh Mineroff, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, Domino Data Lab

Michael Balint, Product Architect, NVIDIA

Time to Upgrade Your Database: Don’t Leave Your Modern Apps Stranded [CNAB2314US]

Your app modernization efforts deserve a modern data layer. Are your developers and database operators still dealing with the difficult trade-offs between costly monolithic databases, such as Oracle or DB2, and NoSQL databases that forgo strong data consistency and important relational features? Most transactional workloads are still ripe for modernization. In this session, we will look at how the new category of distributed SQL databases eliminates these trade-offs and provides a perfect complement to VMware Tanzu, Kubernetes and new microservices. Using the open source distributed SQL database leader, YugabyteDB, you will learn how to build modern, stateful applications that are highly scalable, resilient and performant. We will share real-world experiences of how Fortune 500 companies use YugabyteDB, examine a reference architecture to help you get started, and showcase the solution in a powerful demo.

Amey Banarse, VP of Data Engineering, Yugabyte, Inc

Enable AI/ML Workoads in Any Environment with VMware Tanzu and Dkube [KUBB1956US]

DKube and VMware Tanzu enable data science teams to advance AI/machine learning (ML) projects from research to commercial adoption and deployments with the ability to operate on general purpose CPU/GPU and compute clusters. Moreover, projects can be managed by IT in the same way as other workloads with appropriate security and compliance. In this session, you will learn how DKube enables AI/ML workloads to run wherever VMware Tanzu runs. Speakers will provide healthcare-focused use cases regarding early disease detection and pharmaceuticals to demonstrate how customers can use DKube to commercialize AI/ML projects. Our team will go over VMware Tanzu and DKube use cases, a combined reference architecture, and a demo showcasing how the solutions work together to support you.

Deploy Cloud Native Applications to VMware Tanzu Using GitLab [DOSB1571US]

Kubernetes makes it easy for developers to run cloud native applications at scale. Administering and managing applications at scale, in an enterprise environment, can present a few challenges. In this talk, we will describe the benefits of the cloud native continuous integration (CI) pipeline managed by GitLab to deploy your containerized application to VMware Tanzu clusters running on any public cloud provider or private data center. Having a well-defined pipeline for your production application can accelerate the deployment cadence without compromising security and compliance concerns. At the end of this presentation and demo, you will learn about how to construct a GitLab CI pipeline to deploy your containerized application through VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations. You will learn about integrating with source code management, static and dynamic application security scanning, and deploying your secure application at scale on a VMware Tanzu cluster.

Kurt Dusek, Senior Solutions Architect, GitLab

Data Protection for Kubernetes and Modern Applications on VMware [CEIB2050USD]

Enterprises across different industries are rapidly adopting containerized applications in their on-premises data centers as well as in the public cloud. Many of these enterprises are looking for a unified solution for data management functions, such as backup and disaster recovery for containerized applications, regardless of where they are deployed. In this session, you will gain a good understanding of: • Various data management approaches at each layer of a cloud native application, including storage and databases • VMware’s portfolio of solutions, ranging from Velero to ecosystem partners such as Dell PowerProtect and Veritas • The pros and cons of various data management approaches across several attributes, including consistency, storage requirements, and performance

Velina Krasteva, Senior Product Manager, VMware

Gary Garcia, Alliances, Veritas

From Legacy to Multi-Cloud: A Cloud-First Approach to Modernization with OpenLegacy and VMware Tanzu [CNAB2135US]

While many enterprises are embarking on a journey toward modern multi-cloud architectures, a common problem holding them back is their reliance on legacy systems. OpenLegacy is a cloud-first modernization and integration platform that can help with this challenge. No matter if the goal is modernization in-place or a complete rewrite of core applications, a cloud-first approach means you can focus your business goals and outcomes instead of building additional infrastructure. In this session, we will discuss how OpenLegacy together with VMware Tanzu, can help customers modernize complex legacy applications using non-legacy resources, leverage automation for speed and efficiency and drive business outcomes.

Ingest on AWS, Analyze on GCP, and Visualize on Azure – Live, Sovereign, Multi-Cloud Analytics [CNAB2329US]

Do your product teams build using AWS Lambda? Do your data scientists prefer Google TensorFlow? Do your business teams use Microsoft Power BI on Azure? Do you require a sovereign multi-cloud analytics stack across these functions? Are you short-staffed on data engineering talent? You are not a mythical creature—you are enterprise IT. While many analytics vendors pay lip service to multi-cloud, Isima delivers the real-time, live multi-cloud fabric. Experience how Isima’s bi(OS) enables developers to ingest on AWS, data scientists to model on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and business users to use Power BI. All this, with unified IT observability across data, machine learning and system metrics. This session will showcase this capability using a global IoT network. Did we mention it takes one Python engineer to deliver this in a week? Experience real-time, live, sovereign multi-cloud analytics.

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  • Meet the Expert: Ask Me Anything About VMware Application Catalog [DOSM2253US]
  • Tutorial / Breakout Session: Secure Your Open Source Software Supply Chain with VMware Application Catalog [DOST2389US]
  • Hands-On Labs Self-Paced Lab: VMware Tanzu for Developers [SPL-HOL-2235-01-MAP]
  • Hands-On Labs Expert-Led Workshop: VMware Tanzu for Developers [ELW-HOL-2235-01-MAP]
  • Breakout Session: VMware Tanzu Data Services Deep Dive [CNAB2438USD]
  • Breakout Session: Building a Modern Kubernetes Platform on VMware Tanzu for 5G: Charging Apps with Ericsson [KUBB2141US]

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