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Tanzu services Update for VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud on Dell

Fulfilling its promise of allowing developers to easily develop and scale applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, VMware has completed the rollout of its Tanzu services to all VMware Cloud on AWS[1] and VMware Cloud on Dell customers running SDDC version 1.16 or later.

VMware Cloud on AWS customers with 3 or more hosts in a single Availability Zone (AZ) and VMware Cloud on Dell customers with sufficient available resources will have access to the “Activate Tanzu Kubernetes Grid” option from the dropdown of their SDDC as shown below.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) is a principal component of Tanzu services, VMware’s managed Kubernetes runtime, a derivative of VMware with Tanzu built specifically for VMware Cloud. With TKG, cloud administrators can manage a multi-tenant Kubernetes environment with familiar self-service capabilities, while providing developers a readily available managed Kubernetes infrastructure to develop on.

Once enabled, VMware Cloud administrators can create vSphere namespaces to allocate capacity and set limits on their vSphere clusters for hosting Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters (TKCs). The namespaces and TKCs deployed as part of Tanzu services are backed by automatically provisioned network segments provided by VMware NSX, simplifying the deployment and management of networks through in-house automation routines.

In addition to TKG, Tanzu services on a VMware Cloud subscription also include Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) Essentials allowing cloud admins and devOps engineers to manage Kubernetes clusters on hybrid as well as multi-cloud environments running any conformant Kubernetes distribution. With TMC Essentials, customers can manage their entire portfolio of Kubernetes clusters from a single portal as a managed service by VMware. Tanzu Mission Control helps manage access policies to clusters, deploy packaged software through its application catalog, fully manage Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster lifecycles, and provide views across clusters to developers.

Here is a hands-on-lab to help you get started with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on VMware Cloud on AWS. You can also log on to your VMware Cloud console using the link below and start administering your Kubernetes environment.

Hands-on-lab               |                Get Started Today!

Console steps: Login to vmc.vmware.com with your credentials, navigate to an SDDC, click on the Activate Tanzu Kubernetes Grid under the Actions menu.

If you want to learn more about Tanzu service, please check out the resources below:

[1] VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud and VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts excluded