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Making IT Heroes: VMware Cloud on Dell Customer Success Stories

Local cloud powered by VMware Cloud on Dell is fast becoming an integral element of customer’s multi-cloud strategy. As I noted in my blog leading industry analysts forecast explosive growth of dedicated local cloud in coming years. Local clouds combine the agility and scale of public cloud with the performance and control of on-premises IT infrastructure. Delivered as a service, VMware Cloud on Dell eliminates mundane operational tasks for the customer technology teams while keeping the infrastructure stack updated and on-demand. This blog covers a few key customer success stories that shed light on how our customers leverage VMware Cloud on Dell to simplify operations, maximize performance of mission critical applications, and enhance workforce productivity. 

Large retailer

A leading national discount retailer was challenged with aging systems that no longer could support business growth plans. The customer wanted to transform the IT landscape and develop an IT strategy based on cloud consumption and not depreciating asset ownership. IT leadership wanted to benefit from flexibility and choice of multi-cloud without having to refactor their applications for another cloud infrastructure.

The VMware team architected a locally hosted IaaS solution that was fully managed by VMware. Subscription-based IT services enabled the retailing giant to accelerate innovation and enhance retail customer experience, The customer has the flexibility to extend the environment to public clouds for non-disruptive app mobility.

Embracing VMware Cloud on Dell allowed the retailer to free valuable resources from the mundane tasks of infrastructure management and focus on revenue-impacting activities and customer experience enhancements.

Healthcare service provider

A large private healthcare provider with a chain of hospitals across the state was transforming its IT operations to remove the non-value adding tasks in favor of focusing on improving patient care and delivery.

The latency-critical electronics health records (EHR) workload, the core application for all patient-data users, needed to stay on-premises to meet service levels. The customer decided to align with a hybrid cloud strategy to balance the local computing needs with externally stretchable capacities on public clouds.

They chose to go with VMware Cloud’s hybrid operating model that allowed them to leverage the existing VMware skillsets and experience with future flexibility to extend into public clouds. To further simplify service delivery, they enabled end-users to consume IT infrastructure with a templatized self-service portal using vRealize Automation. Having VMware teams manage the day 0-2 operations for the infrastructure enables customer technology teams to redeploy resources on core business priorities including patient care.

Large property and casualty insurance provider

One of the largest non-life insurance providers had an executive mandate to get out of owning and managing infrastructure and embrace a cloud operating model. Finding the balance between public cloud services and on-premises infrastructure that helped further business objectives was tricky. They faced another challenge in migrating their Microsoft virtual desktop environments to the public clouds due to complex licensing requirements. Business teams wanted to keep the sensitive customer data and applications on-premises for security considerations.

VMware’s local cloud solution enabled the insurance provider to reap the benefits of a cloud model without the complexity of managing their infrastructure. VMware Cloud on Dell helped avoid incurring any VDI license penalties and kept business-confidential data inside the corporate walls. By moving to VMware Cloud, the customer IT team spends less time on physical infrastructure management and more time delivering innovative insurance solutions to its customers.
As evident from the above case studies, enterprise customers are enhancing IT service levels and increasing value generation by moving to a cloud operating model without relinquishing operational control and insights.
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