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Updates to Terms and Conditions on VMware Marketplace™

VMware Marketplace™ is the one-stop shop for our customers to discover, try, buy, and deploy eligible partner ecosystem software for VMware products and services. For our publishing partners, the Marketplace represents a great way to reach joint customers and showcase your joint solutions with the VMware portfolio.

There are currently three types of publishing options in the VMware Marketplace: List-only (or Informational listings), Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) or Trial listings, and Paid listings. More details can be found in a recent blog here.

If you are a publishing partner with VMware Marketplace, please note that there have been recent updates to our Terms and Conditions, which you may notice the next time your organization logs in to the Marketplace. These changes are not material to your interaction with the Marketplace to publish or update your solutions; they are to enable the BYOL / Trial and Paid listings models and to reflect the way we have internally structured the Marketplace program within our other partner-facing programs here at VMware.

What’s changing?

As before, all publishing partners on the VMware Marketplace are required to be part of the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program; partners must sign the TAP Agreement in order to be a part of the program. Publishing partners that are looking to publish or update BYOL / Trial or Paid listings on the VMware Marketplace will now be asked to click to accept the terms of the VMware Marketplace Addendum to the TAP Agreement. This addendum agreement replaces the earlier VMware Marketplace Developer Agreement, which was required for all publishing partners regardless of publishing option. For more details on updating your solution and other Day 2 operations, please refer to this blog and our Documentation.

For publishing partners that do not seek to publish or update BYOL / Trial or Paid listings i.e. for those that seek to publish or update only Informational listings, no further agreement apart from the TAP Agreement is required to be entered into at this time.

More details

Below are some frequently asked questions that may assist you further in understanding this change.

Q. What happens if I have already signed the Developer Agreement?

A. If you’ve already signed the Developer Agreement, you will be prompted to sign the VMware Marketplace Addendum the next time you seek to publish or update a BYOL / Trial or Paid listing. The VMware Marketplace Addendum will replace the Developer Agreement as the agreement on record related to your publisher activities.

Q. Will all users of a Marketplace organization account be required to sign this new agreement?

A. No, we will only require the Org Owner to sign the agreement on behalf of their organization. For more details on Orgs and Org Owners, please refer to our Documentation.

Q. How do I sign the VMware Marketplace Addendum?

A. The VMware Marketplace Addendum will appear as a modal pop-up the next time your Organization attempts to publish a new or update an existing BYOL / Trial or Paid listing. Only the Org Owner of your Organization will be able to accept the pop-up. Alternatively, you may proactively accept the agreement. To do so, navigate to Legal Agreement under Settings in the top-left menu. There, you will see a tile named “VMware Marketplace Addendum” with two options – Download and View. Select View to view the agreement. Once you are ready to accept, scroll down and click on Accept. After that, the tile will update to show that the agreement has been signed, as well as the date and time of signature.

Q. What if I do not accept the VMware Marketplace Addendum?

A. Publisher accounts that do not accept the VMware Marketplace Addendum will be able to publish or update Informational listings. In order to publish or update BYOL / Trial or Paid listings, publisher accounts must accept the VMware Marketplace Addendum.

Next steps

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us directly at VMwareMarketplace@vmware.com and we will assist at the earliest. You can also file your feedback to us directly on our catalog page – be sure to scroll down to the footer to find the “Provide Feedback” option.