The Next Phase of Cloud Transformation

Maximizing multi-cloud benefits could be a hit-or-miss until the on-premises cloud is fully optimized for a modern cross-cloud environment

As leading IT analyst IDC notes in their Technology Spotlight, “cloud is the leading operating model for digital transformation…..and many IT organizations seek to extend the benefits and capabilities associated with as-a-service infrastructure even deeper into their enterprise”.

Local or dedicated cloud is the next big thing. It is reshaping the way customers order, consume, and manage on-premises IT infrastructure and is dramatically improving how IT delivers against business goals. Local cloud operations combine the agility and simplicity of public clouds with performance and control of in-house IT to deliver the best of both worlds.      

IDC anticipates brisk adoption of the local cloud operating model also known as a dedicated cloud infrastructure as a service (DCIaaS) at over 150% CAGR through 2025. Local clouds are gaining prominence as customers want to do away with managing infrastructure while still providing the best service level objectives (SLO) for their apps which must stay on-premises for data locality, high app performance, latency sensitivity, compliance, or any other reasons. 

VMware and Dell have cranked up the innovation engine to deliver a fully-managed local, dedicated cloud for on-premises workloads so customers can drive business outcomes without worrying about the complexity of managing infrastructure hardware and software. Consumed as-a-service and fully managed by VMware, the VMware Cloud on Dell local cloud solution accelerates time to production, simplifies IT service delivery, and eliminates challenges of upgradability and over-budgeting. 

Please read IDC Technology Spotlight to learn how local, dedicated clouds are helping customers retain a competitive edge by rethinking IT.