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Discover and Deploy VMware Cloud-Compatible Ecosystem Solutions via VMware Marketplace

Enterprise cloud adoption has grown rapidly in recent years and is projected to continue growing at a fast pace, according to Gartner1. Acquiring validated and certified VMware Cloud-compatible solutions from VMware Marketplace makes it easy for IT and Cloud Admins to adopt ecosystem applications with confidence to maximize their cloud investment.  

To help customers in their cloud adoption journey, VMware Cloud provides customers with an integrated hybrid cloud environment to run, manage, and secure vSphere workloads across cloud environments. For the IT teams looking to accelerate cloud deployment while maintaining operations efficiency, the ability to quickly find and deploy reliable ecosystem applications to run in their VMware Cloud environments becomes even more important.  

VMware Marketplace makes it easy for IT and Cloud Admins to discover, try, and buy validated third-party and open-source solutions for VMware Cloud. Read below to learn how an easily navigable interface and click-to-deploy feature enable users to search for VMware Cloud-compatible solutions and deploy directly to VMware endpoints.  

About VMware Marketplace  

VMware Marketplace is the one-stop-shop for VMware validated and certified ecosystem solutions. Today, the catalog consists of over 2,300 third-party and open-source solutions, including hundreds of VMware Cloud-compatible solutions. These solutions span categories from orchestration and provisioning to backup and recovery and more. Each solution listing on VMware Marketplace highlights key features and technical details, deployable platforms, and applicable VMware certification or validation achieved by the product. 

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Key Features  

Assets (OVAs, etc.) appended to deployable listings are mandated to go through a series of partner-led validation and / or VMware-led certification tests to verify interoperability with VMware Cloud prior to publishing. Even informational listings display details on any validation or certification badges that the product may have earned, so that a customer can be confident in knowing those details prior to procuring the product directly from the third-party.  

VMware Marketplace also provides robust filtering and search capabilities that may provide solution options beyond what the user is aware of prior to searching on VMware Marketplace.  

Other key features:  

  • Seamless deployment to VMware Cloud, which makes it easy for users to discover and deploy solutions without ever leaving the VMware environment 
  • Subscription management through the VMware Marketplace interface 
  • Commercial transactability, which gives customers the ability to view SKUs and purchase third-party partner solutions from the VMware Marketplace, then deploy the solution directly to VMware endpoints 

Benefits of VMware Marketplace

Enterprise marketplaces allow customers to easily find and directly utilize validated and compatible solutions, without worrying about meeting IT governance requirements. They are also an accessible source for open-source building blocks – such as business tools, CMS tools and so on – that can be easily downloaded, tested, and utilized. In addition, marketplaces allow customers to access the latest and greatest versions of these solutions, which is especially important in the context of open-source solutions.

VMware Marketplace specifically empowers customers with confidence in solution interoperability with VMware Cloud. Through VMware validation and certification programs such as Partner Ready for VMware Cloud (validation) and VMware Ready for VMware Cloud (certification), third-party developers test solutions for compatibility with VMware stack. Validated and certified solutions display Partner Ready or VMware Ready badges on their VMware Marketplace listing to indicate their compliance with these programs.

Finally, customers benefit from purchasing third-party software through VMware Marketplace by utilizing existing payment methods on file. This streamlines the procurement process thereby enabling customers to go through the entire modern software purchase cycle – discover, try, buy, and deploy – all without leaving the marketplace environment.

Discover and Deploy VMware Cloud-compatible Solutions on VMware Marketplace

To easily find VMware Cloud-compatible solutions, navigate to the VMware Marketplace by visiting marketplace.cloud.vmware.com. Select All Solutions to view the entire catalog.

Expand the filter section for Product Compatibility and select desired VMware Cloud filters.

As a VMware Marketplace consumer, you can select and deploy pre-packaged solutions from VMware Marketplace to on-premises environments, VMware Cloud Director service, or your Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) on VMware Cloud on AWS. 

To deploy a solution, select a compatible solution and review the details. Sign in to click Purchase or Deploy. Follow the steps to subscribe, configure, and deploy to the desired environment.

The following demo videos showcase how customers can utilize the Marketplace to deploy to:

To create a VMware Marketplace account, follow the instructions to register here.

For step by step instructions, review the documentation here.

Once your solution has been deployed, you can begin using the solution with confidence in its compatibility with your VMware stack.

Next Steps

Check out the “VMware Marketplace – What’s New” episode of the VMware Cloud on AWS Unplugged Podcast to learn more about what’s possible with VMware Cloud through VMware Marketplace.

Leverage VMware Marketplace today by visiting marketplace.cloud.vmware.com to find, discover, and deploy VMware Cloud-compatible third-party and open-source solutions. Get started by browsing the catalog and registering for an account.

Learn More

For more information, visit the VMware Marketplace webpage or contact us at VMwareMarketplace@VMware.com. Don’t forget to follow @vmwmarketplace on Twitter for the latest updates and catalog highlights.

[1] Top Four Trends are Shaping the Future of Public Cloud, Gartner Q2 2021.