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Cloud Native Storage for Modern Apps with Cloudian on VMware Marketplace

As the proliferation of data across industries drives an increase in the cost and complexity of storage, administrators and developers require a reliable and scalable persistent storage for their modern application. Now, Tanzu customers can rely on Cloudian for enterprise-ready storage for containers-based applications. 

As IT leaders modernize their enterprise applications, they require storage solutions that are agile and cloud-native. Traditional enterprise storage systems are difficult to provision and manage and cannot deliver the cost-effective scalability required. At the same time, purpose-built container storage offerings are agile, but lack the scalability, security, and durability that cloud-native production environments demand. 

This is where Cloudian HyperStore comes in. HyperStore, an exabyte-scalable S3 Compatible Object Storage for Tanzu – now available on VMware Marketplace – provides an enterprise-ready persistent storage solution for your containers-based applications. Built natively on the S3 API, Cloudian lets you dynamically provision object storage on-premises and replicate or tier data directly to AWS, GCP, or Azure. You get cloud-like storage in your own data center, delivering better performance and availability at up to 70% lower total cost than public cloud. 

With Cloudian S3-Compatible Object Storage for Tanzu, you can:  

  • Deploy an enterprise-grade, S3-compatible object storage system for your modern applications in minutes  
  • Support S3-APIs with granular data management in hybrid cloud and private cloud environments 
  • Meet customer data growth requirements without complexity  
  • Respond to unpredictable demand  
  • Deliver high service levels at lower costs  

Leverage applications in both private and public clouds  

Cloudian S3-Compatible Object Storage for Tanzu makes it easy to use private cloud storage for your Kubernetes applications. As a cloud-native S3-compatible storage that runs in your data center using the S3 API and other cloud-technology elements, it provides cloud-like data access – it is cloud storage from the application point of view. 

Deployable as a container or as a central SDS with a lightweight Kubernetes Operator, applications can dynamically or statically access object storage for all their data storage needs using standard S3 API. The result is self-service storage access in a cloud-like infrastructure.  

Get Cloudian S3-Compatible Object Storage for Tanzu through VMware Marketplace  

VMware Marketplace is the one-stop-shop for VMware validated and certified ecosystem solutions that enables customers to discover, try, purchase, and deploy directly to VMware endpoints. Cloudian S3-Compatible Object Storage for Tanzu is validated on VMware Tanzu and certified VMware Ready for VMware Cloud Foundation for Tanzu. To learn more about or deploy Cloudian S3-Compatible Object Storage for Tanzu today, visit the solution page on VMware Marketplace.  

Try Cloudian S3-Compatible Object Storage for Tanzu here.  

Learn More 

Cloudian will be hosting a webinar on February 17th featuring Amit Rawlani, Cloudian Director of Alliances, and Michaela Lindsay, Product Marketing and Strategy Manager for VMware Marketplace.

Join us as we discuss how customers can access and deploy Cloudian’s S3-compatible object storage solution for VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) environments, right from the VMware Marketplace.  

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