VMware Cloud Multi-Cloud

Cloud flexibility AND on-premises control – learn what’s new with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a Local Cloud solution that combines the simplicity and agility of the public cloud with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure, delivered as-a-service and fully managed by VMware. Customers are freed from the burden of managing infrastructure, can accelerate application delivery and maintain the appropriate control to satisfy stringent data sovereignty, security, cost, and performance requirements. No wonder customer adoption for Local Cloud continues to gather momentum and according to IDC will be a $7.6+Bn market by 20251.

In the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC November 2021 release, VMware builds on the robustness of this proven Local Cloud solution with new Multi-rack capability for growing workload demands and an easy path to Kubernetes with VMware Cloud™ with Tanzu® services now included in the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC subscription.

Enterprise Scale AND Cloud Simplicity

As customers embrace the benefits of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, they very quickly look to this Local Cloud solution to handle more and more capacity. In many cases, customers feel so liberated from the burden of managing infrastructure they are compelled to take further of advantage of the fully managed service and ultimately migrate more workloads to a Local Cloud, for example to modernize large-scale data-intensive workloads, to expand existing VDI deployments and to support new, emerging Edge applications. Multi-rack gives customers the room to grow and scale their VMware Cloud on Dell EMC deployment to address ever-increasing business demands.

And consistent with the cloud operating model, it is simple for customers to take full advantage of the new Multi-rack capability with ordering, activation and consumption all accessible via the VMware Cloud Console and manage them as a single management domain. For ultimate flexibility, customers can choose to take advantage of all the available Multi-rack capacity supported at time of initial order or they can add capacity to a Multi-rack-Aware single rack in the future.

Multi-rack is enabled by an innovative spine-leaf architecture, which is purposefully designed to handle ever-increasing capacity over time based on customer demand. The November 2021 release supports up to three racks, but the architecture itself can ultimately handle many more racks and multiple PODs. Truly a no compromise, enterprise scale cloud service.

Easy path to Kubernetes for application modernization

Tanzu services on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC enable customers to run and manage the growing number of modern applications they have more effectively by delivering Kubernetes as a Service quickly and easily to developer teams and making it easy for enterprises to administer and manage their containerized workloads. 

As customers are adopting the Local Cloud model, they are finding they can refocus and upskill their IT resources on application delivery so a logical next step on their cloud journey is to take fully advantage of Tanzu Services now included in their VMware Cloud on Dell EMC subscription. Read more.

This fully managed Tanzu service comes with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid for the managed Kubernetes service capability and Tanzu Mission Control Essentials for the management control plane which provides capabilities such as global visibility, cluster lifecycle management, as well as access and security management. And of course, VMware provides easy paths for customers to upgrade to other Tanzu editions such as Tanzu Standard Edition when they are ready to take advantage of additional advanced features.

Learn more about VMware Cloud™ with Tanzu® services to modernize your application development environment and accelerate application delivery.

Cloud Efficiency

A core value of VMware Cloud is continuous advancements to reduce operational complexity for IT and Cloud Administrators and make their lives easier. In this VMware Cloud on Dell EMC November 2021 release, there are new Public APIs available enabling Cloud Administrators to save precious time to fetch data, pull reports on their infrastructure resources and build automation on top of their SDDC deployments. In addition, new NSX Standalone UI support provides a more seamless experience for IT Administrators to access and administer VMs and Virtual Networks.

Don’t miss out

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is based on VMware’s industry-leading multi-cloud infrastructure software integrated with enterprise-class Dell EMC hardware and is a subscription-based Local Cloud service fully managed by VMware, empowering customers to focus on application modernization and business innovation.

The VMware Cloud on Dell EMC team is here to answer any questions you might have. Please email questions to vmcondellemc@vmware.com . You can also find the latest news on our service on Twitter at @VMWonDellEMC. More information on VMware Cloud on Dell EMC can be found on our product webpage .

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