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How Five Global Organizations Met Their Business Goals with Multi-Cloud

Organizations today are embracing multi-cloud to compound the benefits of the public cloud model. With multi-cloud, IT teams are unlocking the unique benefits of different cloud providers while maintaining flexibility and agility in a world of rapidly evolving business needs. 

The benefits of multi-cloud do not come automatically, however. Organizations must avoid new costs, silos, and security risks that can arise due to the complexity of multi-cloud. The reality of cloud is more complicated than transitioning to a single cloud providers. 

We see organizations using VMware Cloud benefit from migration efficiencies, availability advantages, and cost savings. Here’s a look at some organizations around the world, with different business models, that are accelerating their business with multi-cloud. 

Opsta moved to multi-cloud DevSecOps and expanded customer capacity by 100x 

Opsta, based in Bangkok, provides expertise in cloud-native solution implementation and system integration. They set out to expand developer solutions in the cloud and grew quickly, while maintaining flexibility with their resources. 

With VMware Cloud, they were able to create a multi-cloud DevSecOps-as-a-service solution for customers, reduced customer onboarding timeframes for software releases from three to six months, and scaled their capacity to serve customers from 100 to more than 10,000. 

“We’ve always wanted to build a DevSecOps cloud solution for customers in Thailand, and this partnership with AIS Business and VMware has made our dream come true,” said Jirayut Nimsaeng, Opsta founder and CEO. 

Pivotal Data helped clients rapidly migrate to a hosted multi-cloud offering 

Pivotal Data is a specialized provider of contact center, customer experience, and enterprise communication solutions based in South Africa. They were eager to enable customers to scale rapidly without friction while ensuring extremely high levels of availability and uptime. 

Pivotal Data implemented VMware Cloud to enable their customers to transition to multi-cloud cost centers that were more scalable, cost-effective, and efficient. At the same time, they achieved high availability so customers could consume services with confidence. 

Corne Grobbelaar, product development executive at Pivotal Data, pointed out the benefits of VMware Cloud on their business: “We now have the flexibility and scalability to instantaneously migrate our clients to the cloud. This positions us as a truly cloud-based communications and collaboration service provider.” 

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual enhanced outcomes with a managed multi-cloud DR service 

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual is an insurance carrier serving the lumber and building materials industries for almost 125 years. They sought to manage backup and disaster recovery with fewer resources, simplified IT management, and reduced risk. 

With VMware Cloud on AWS, they met all these goals, reducing costs by 20 percent. The company moved to a multi-cloud disaster recovery as-a-service model that improved operational security and simplified compliance with data protection regulation, in addition to the cost savings. 

“The solution really helped us streamline by taking many internal responsibilities off our plate and automating manual procedures in the event of a disaster,” said BJ Gardner, lead systems architect at Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual. 

UNIMINUTO streamlined service delivery and powered digital transformation 

UNIMINUTO is an innovative educational project serving over 100,000 students across Colombia. The company set out to create a reliable, scalable, and secure technological foundation for faculty, students, and staff. 

To accomplish this, UNIMINUTO turned to VMware Cloud Foundation to introduce a multi-cloud service delivery model, connecting and integrating multiple IT systems via the cloud. 

This project created a launching pad for academic transformation, resulting in IT services with higher availability, continuity, and agility. UNIMINUTO is now positioned to achieve their ambitious five-year digital transformation goals, including adopting a data-driven decision-making model. 

“VMware Cloud Foundation is a robust and comprehensive solution that is ahead of its time, enabling us to move in an agile, secure, and simple manner,” said Saul Antonio Reyes A., director of technology and information systems at UNIMINUTO. “With the VMware Cloud Foundation Solution, stress was lowered from 98 percent to almost zero percent.” 

IHS Markit achieves IT transformation with a multi-cloud makeover 

UK data and analytics firm IHS Markit planned to reduce technical debt and accelerate the delivery of customer solutions by modernizing their IT strategy. 

VMware Cloud enabled them to move hundreds of applications to the cloud without refactoring and to implement a consistent framework for automation and provisioning. HIS Markit also transitioned to a predictable cost model that reduced technical debt. And they accomplished all this without service disruption. 

Ben Tanner, executive director and global head of technical architecture, said of the project, “VMware Cloud on AWS is enabling us to fundamentally change how we’re running IT. We can get out of our legacy data centers and take all of our workloads to the cloud in a relatively non-disruptive manner.” 

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