You’ve likely attended a camp to learn something you were interested in, like art, basketball, or band. Many camps also have a related area of focus like coding. Camps provide a way to learn, interact, and gain support based on common interests. Today I’m excited to announce a new kind of camp, Cloud Camp by VMware. It’s here to get you started and through your cloud journey! Cloud Camp by VMware is available to all and is 100% free; that’s right, no payment is required!

Cloud Camp by VMware provides expert instructor lead courses broken up into bite-size video lessons. Depending on the topic of the video there will be additional resources as well. These courses cover the supported VMware-based cloud provider such as VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and other cloud partners. The courses offered will cover a range of topics on each VMware-based cloud provider, such as deployment, connectivity, migration, operations, automation, etc., and will range from beginner, intermediate, and Advanced based on the topic of the offered course. To keep track of your progress, users will need to create a login. A login also provides the capability to receive notifications of new and updated courses or videos.

Today we are launching three beginner courses on VMware Cloud on AWS covering deployment, connectivity, and migration. We have more courses coming soon, I recommend signing up for an account to receive notifications. Over time, we have several enhancements planned, which include badges based on completing a course track, unlocking access to exclusive events, and learning about leading cloud technologies. Other activities and resources on the site include interaction with the VMware Cloud Provider community over slack, providing us feedback, and additional resources such as VMware Cloud Tech Zone and the VMware Cloud Ready Framework.

We would like to hear from you; send us your feedback on courses you would like to see or anything else you might find helpful on your cloud journey! You can also leave comments below or reach out to me directly on social media via Twitter @emad_younis.