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Multi-Cloud Use Maturity – My Best of VMworld

A lot of my activities these days focuses on the notion of multi-cloud use maturity.  With VMworld just around the corner, this is a good time to connect the dots between the eight core practice areas I’ve been talking about in my multi-part blog series and the breakout sessions that will be offered at VMworld.  I have added the links to all of the already published blogs on the eight core practice areas at the end of this article in case you haven’t already seen those.

Mapping Practice Areas to Technology Initiatives

Before I dive in, I’m going to do a bit of mapping of the eight core practice areas to larger transformations.  That will make it easier to group sessions that I am recommending into three groups, rather than eight.  So below is the mapping

Multi-Cloud Practice Area Transformation Initiative
Cloud Adoption Patterns Cloud Infra Transformation
DevOps & App Dev Application Transformation
PaaS (Cloud Services) UseApplication Transformation
Datacenter Modernization Cloud Infra Transformation
Cloud Financial Management Cloud Operating Model
Cloud Governance Cloud Operating Model
Cloud Security Cloud Operating Model
Tool and Platform Consolidation All Three Initiatives

So, with this groundwork laid, let’s look at my top 4 choices in these three areas: Cloud Infra Transformation, Application Transformation and Cloud Operating Model.  I am only going to focus in on breakout sessions, but I definitely recommend that you attend the general session and all of the keynotes as they are a great way to get a higher-level overview of how VMware is approaching all three of these areas.

My VMworld Picks

Cloud Infra Transformation

  • Build a Foundation for Multi-Cloud Success [MCL1393]
  • Project Monterey: Present, Future and Beyond [MCL1401]
  • The Cloud-Ready Data Center:  Prepare for the Future of Computing [MCL1579]
  • Why Hitting Refresh with HCI Should be Your Modernization Strategy [MCL2508]

Application Transformation

  • Succeed with Agile Software Development in the Enterprise [APP1437]
  • Introducing VMware Tanzu Application Platform:  A New Developer Experience [APP2479]
  • Observability for Modern Application and Kubernetes Environments [APP1308]
  • FedEx Services Case Study:  Build Fast and Repeatable Replatforming of Java Applications to PaaS [APP1772]

Cloud Operating Model

  • A Guide to the Cloud Operating Model [MCL1115]
  • Manage Public Cloud with CloudHealth and vRealize [MCL1247]
  • Introducing Project Ensemble Tech Preview [MCL1301]
  • Manage Kubernetes Across Multiple Clouds [APP1187]

Here is the link to register for the show.  I hope you can make the time to join.

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