The IT Leader’s Guide to Multi-Cloud at VMworld 2021

If you’re an IT leader navigating the challenges of a multi-cloud world, you’re certainly not alone. These days, the question isn’t “should we use more than one cloud provider?” but rather, “what is the best multi-cloud strategy for our organization?”  

With most businesses today using two or more public clouds, multi-cloud has become the norm. In a recent survey, we found that 80% of organizations plan to have a distributed cloud across public, private, and edge instances.   

This shift certainly makes sense, as organizations of all types can benefit from a multi-cloud strategy. Multi-cloud is flexible and agile, allowing you to customize your strategy based on your organization’s specific needs. You can choose the best-of-breed solutions to manage your data and run your top workloads in a secure environment. Additionally, multi-cloud eliminates vendor lock-in, so you maintain freedom and flexibility as your business needs change.  

But with so many options, there are plenty of things to consider when it comes to multi-cloud: strategy, management, security, workload placement, cost and more. With all these decisions, navigating the choices can be overwhelming! The good news is that you’re not alone on this journey. VMware can help you enable multi-cloud characteristics across a diverse IT portfolio, no matter where you are on your cloud journey.  

VMworld 2021 is right around the corner, so you can explore multiple sessions devoted to multi-cloud. Register and build your schedule today to learn from experts on the multi-cloud topics most important to you.  

12 Multi-Cloud Sessions to Check Out at VMworld 2021  

1. The VMware Multi Cloud Computing Infrastructure Strategy of 2021 [MCL3217] 

Come and hear from VMware executives on the VMware strategy to deliver industry-leading, multi-cloud infrastructure and management for the public cloud, local cloud, managed cloud, and private cloud—innovating to deliver a breakthrough foundation for any application. This session will cover the latest releases and capabilities of our core infrastructure (vSphere, vSAN, NSX) and cloud management offerings, the latest on our cloud provider and hyperscaler partnerships, and discuss industry examples from our enterprise customer base. 

2. Accelerating Innovation: Strategies for Winning Across Clouds and Apps [GEN3103]  

Join CEO Raghu Raghuram as he lays out his vision for the future of multi-cloud technology, providing a view into the innovations VMware is driving at the intersection of clouds and apps. He will explore how leading organizations are challenging the status quo to move fast, gain competitive advantage and stay secure. VMware President Sumit Dhawan will share a perspective on how VMware is delivering the critical capabilities that every digital business needs, with a special focus on the first-hand experience of VMware customers around the world. 

3. Run Business-Critical Applications on VMware Cloud [MCL3212]  

Historically, business-critical applications (BCA) and workloads have flourished when running on vSphere. Since the introduction of VMware Cloud, the architectures that support these critical workloads have expanded to include VMware Cloud. The variety of applications and databases, such as the suites from Oracle and Microsoft and a plethora of AI and ML applications, all thrive when migrated to VMware Cloud, which can be viewed as both a hybrid cloud and multi-cloud platform. This session will focus on BCAs running on VMware Cloud. 

4. The Future of Local and Distributed Cloud with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC[MCL2735]  

Join two leaders from Dell and VMware to learn the vision and strategy of local cloud and distributed cloud. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC brings the cloud to your data center and co-locators, such as Equinix. In this session, you will hear about the future of this solution as well as real customer stories on how VMware Cloud on Dell EMC accelerated their cloud journey. 

5. Deliver the Same Infrastructure to a Multi-Cloud Deployment [MCL1268]   

Learn how VMware vRealize Automation Cloud integrates with Azure VMware Solution, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and their differences and considerations for running VMware deployments. 

6. A Guide to the Cloud Operating Model [MCL1115]   

This session will provide an overview of the key considerations to successfully implement a consistent cloud operating model across VMware Cloud as well as multiple public clouds and across both modern and traditional apps. You will learn how VMware cloud management technologies can help you break down silos and optimize and automate service and app delivery across your multi-cloud environment. 

7. From Idea to Impact: A Guide to Perpetual Innovation [VI1184]   

From a lean start-up founded in 1998 to a global company of more than 34,000 people, VMware is consistently ranked among the most innovative companies in the world. In this session, you will learn how VMware keeps innovating, how VMware thinks about sustaining and disruptive innovations, and what differentiates VMware from others in the industry. More importantly, we will share the most valuable lessons learned, and you will have a unique chance to look into the VMware innovation engine. 

8. It’s a Hybrid World: Knowing How to Do Cloud Right for Your Enterprise [MCL3079S]   

For enterprises navigating a hybrid world, knowing when to move workloads into and out of cloud environments is a common challenge, and a misstep can easily lead to increased risk, complexity or cost. Based on insights gained from transforming thousands of workloads and applications, you’ll see real-world examples of cloud done right, common red flags to watch for, and key strategic considerations to ensure success of incorporating cloud into your business model. 

9. A Glimpse into the Future of a Fully Digital Capital Market [VI1992]  

VMware Blockchain is particularly well suited to address operational inefficiencies existing in capital markets. In this session, VMware and IntellectEU will demonstrate how VMware Blockchain can transform and improve digital asset issuance and reduce asset servicing costs through corporate action processing on DLT.  

10. Solutions Keynote: DevSecOps Your Way to Any Cloud (And Delight Your Customers) [VI3190]  

Join us to hear how companies like yours have embarked on modernization journeys to deliver better customer experiences continuously. We’ll walk through the DevSecOps approach that enables you to: empower developers to build innovative, secure apps; deliver applications in a compliant, secure way; and manage modern, distributed applications sustainably. 

11. Why Hitting Refresh With HCI Should Be Your Modernization Strategy [MCL2508] 

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is one of the fastest growing infrastructure solutions and is the architecture that underpins the hybrid cloud. In this session, you will learn why industry leaders choose vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation when they “hit refresh” on their infrastructure modernization journey. 

12. VMware’s Vision for Storage and Data in a Multi-Cloud World [MCL2505] 
VMware continues to innovate storage and availability solutions for use on-premises and in the cloud. The speakers in this session will share VMware’s vision and direction for the current and next-generations of products such as vSAN, vVols, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, and more. 

We invite you to check out all the VMworld 2021 multi-cloud sessions, and look forward to seeing you at VMworld 2021 October 5-7!