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Cloud Operational Excellence: Learn How to Manage and Operate Multiple Clouds at VMworld 2021

It’s no longer breaking news – organizations are moving to the cloud to increase their agility, efficiency, reliability, and more. But every organization’s journey to the cloud is different. You may just be thinking about how to get started, or you may already be managing multiple environments spanning the data center, edge, and public clouds.

In any case, we know that operationalizing your cloud environment can be a challenge, especially when you’re dealing with incompatible architectures between clouds, diverse management and operations, inconsistent security policies, and applications in different environments with different levels of modernization.

So how can organizations break through barriers to successfully manage and operate multiple clouds?

Look no further! We’ve gathered the top 10 sessions you need to attend at VMworld 2021 if you want to help improve your organization’s cloud operational excellence. These sessions are dedicated to educating, enabling, and empowering you to manage and optimize multi-cloud environments.

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1. Solution Keynote: The VMware Multi-Cloud Computing Strategy of 2021 [MCL3217]

solution keynote MCL 3217

Come and hear from VMware executives (Matt Morgan, Vice President, Cloud Services Product Marketing, and Purnima Padmanabhan, SVP/GM Cloud Management) on the VMware strategy to deliver industry-leading, multi-cloud infrastructure and management for the public cloud, local cloud, managed cloud, and private cloud – innovating to deliver a breakthrough foundation for any application.

This session will cover the latest releases and capabilities of our core infrastructure (vSphere, vSAN, NSX) and cloud management offerings, the latest on our cloud provider and hyperscaler partnerships, and discuss industry examples from our enterprise customer base.

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2. A Guide to the Cloud Operating Model [MCL1115]

This breakout session will provide an overview of the key considerations to successfully implement a consistent cloud operating model across multiple public clouds and across both modern and traditional apps. You will learn how VMware Cloud Management technologies can help you break down silos, and optimize and automate service and app delivery across your multi-cloud environment.

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3. Manage Public Cloud with CloudHealth and vRealize [MCL1247]

In this breakout session, we focus on key operational optimization techniques for public cloud infrastructure. You will also learn how CloudHealth by VMware integrates with VMware vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation to provide visibility into your multi-cloud environment for seamless app deployment, monitoring and cost optimization.

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4. All Your Capacity and Costing Questions Answered [MCL1391]

Poor visibility into cloud costs and climbing cloud bills are key challenges for organizations scaling their multi-cloud usage. In this Meet the Experts technical session, learn the best practices of using VMware vRealize Operations to manage the capacity and cost of your VMware Cloud.

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5. An End-to-End Demo of Taming Public Cloud with CloudHealth and vRealize [MCL1439]

Join this Tech+ Tutorial, featuring a day in the life of MOAD, a robotics firm using CloudHealth and vRealize Cloud Management. You’ll learn how to modernize IT with consistent operations between teams and provide self-service backed by governance and policy controls with application visibility for traditional and Kubernetes workloads.

Please note that this session is only available for Tech+ Pass holders. You can see what’s included between different pass options here.

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6. Taking Your Multi-Cloud Financial Management to the Next Level [MCL1241]

Poor visibility into cloud costs and climbing cloud bills are key challenges for organizations scaling their multi-cloud usage. Cloud financial management—also known as FinOps or cloud cost management—helps organizations optimize and align their cloud investments with strategic business initiatives.

In this Meet the Experts session, you’ll see how you can take your cloud financial management maturity to the next level by driving financial accountability, optimizing cloud spend, and automating cost control measures using CloudHealth.

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7. Kubernetes Monitoring Starting From Day 0 [APP1589]

Regardless of who is responsible for Kubernetes, it is essential for IT operations to be able to look beyond the virtual infrastructure and see what is happening inside. In this Meet the Expert session, we will be discussing how VMware vRealize Operations can get you those insights and how to start collecting data upon deployment using vRealize Automation.

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8. Network Visibility and Analytics Simplified [MCL2478]

In this Meet the Expert session, get expert answers to your questions about modern network visibility and analytics with VMware vRealize Network Insight and how strategic network management is simplified.

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9. What’s New in vRealize Cloud Management [MCL1114]

VMware vRealize Cloud Management enables consistent deployment and operations of your apps, infrastructure, and platform services, from the data center to the cloud to the edge. Join this breakout session to understand all the latest innovations for vRealize, including actionable insights to help you manage your cloud infrastructure and operations.

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10. An Easy Way of Monitoring and Troubleshooting Multi-Cloud Applications [NET2356]

You’ve planned out the deployment of your multi-cloud application. Now it’s time to find out how you’ll monitor and troubleshoot this application. There are plenty of off-the-shelf dashboarding or data analysis tools, but do you have all the required data points? Does your application delivery platform provide the data you need at scale without needing to export logs or break the bank? Do you have to chase down your platform vendor to find information or solutions?

In this Meet the Expert session, we’ll demonstrate how with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer, you can take control of your application monitoring and troubleshooting, regardless of cloud and application type.

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Want to get hands on?

In addition to attending sessions and asking questions live, VMworld 2021 presents the opportunity for you to get hands on and evaluate some of our solutions in a live environment. Hands-on labs are available to all pass holders, but guided workshops are also available for Tech+ Pass holders. Here’s our shortlist of Hands-On Labs focused on operationalizing multi-cloud:

  • HOL-2206-01-ISM, vRealize – Operationalizing your VMware Cloud Foundation Private Cloud
  • HOL-2206-02-ISM, vRealize – Operationalizing your VMware Cloud on AWS Hybrid Cloud
  • HOL-2206-03-ISM, vRealize and CloudHealth – Operationalizing your Public Cloud
  • HOL-2206-04-ISM, vRealize – Operationalizing Kubernetes

See you there!

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Can’t wait until VMworld? We can barely wait either, so we get it. Feel free to reach out to us directly and our team of experts would be happy to connect and answer any questions you may have.