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Refresh infrastructure for the future of IT – Expert guidance at VMworld 2021

In all the buzz about cloud computing infrastructure and the benefit of moving workloads to the cloud, there is a critical use case to the virtualization pros managing data center and private cloud infrastructure – modernizing to a fully virtualized environment that delivers resource efficiency, app modernization, and a seamless connection to the public cloud and edge.

That modernization is delivered by Hyperconverged Infrastructure, or HCI. It’s the full virtualization of data center infrastructure – compute, storage, networking, and of course a management layer, allowing you to operate your data center like a cloud, delivering infrastructure-as-a-service to your developers so they can build and run apps on-premises, at the edge, or connected to the cloud with the highest levels of performance and control.

Learn how healthcare company Helse Nord dropped job times from weeks to less than an hour after modernizing their infrastructure

At VMworld 2021, we’re unveiling innovations that compound the value you already deliver through virtualization, opening the door to the future of IT with AI/ML optimized infrastructure, Kubernetes, and more.

Dive deep into the possibilities of your infrastructure with this year’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure Experience, and level-up your infrastructure! Register for free here, and use the curated list of sessions below to start building out your custom agenda:

Learn HCI fundamentals before you modernize

Why Hitting Refresh With HCI Should Be Your Modernization Strategy [MCL2508]

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is one of the fastest growing infrastructure solutions and is the architecture that underpins the hybrid cloud. In this session, you will learn why industry leaders choose vSAN and VMware Cloud Foundation when they “hit refresh” on their infrastructure modernization journey.

The Cloud-Ready Data Center: Prepare for the Future of Computing [MCL1579]

Did you know there are several steps you can take right now to make your environment easier to manage and easier to migrate to the cloud? This session will cover several cloud native computing concepts you can implement today. These concepts will help you reduce technical debt and implement modern practices that will increase your operational efficiency regardless of where you are on your cloud journey.

Deep dive into storage and data

vSAN Technical Deep Dive [MCL1654]

Are you interested in learning about the latest innovations in vSAN? In this session, we will cover the latest enhancements and how vSAN interoperates with other products across the entire SDDC stack. You will learn about some of the innovations in vSAN software (VMware HCI Mesh, File Services, VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager, compression-only) and advances in hardware enablement.

VMware’s Vision for Storage and Data in a Multi-Cloud World [MCL2505]

VMware continues to innovate storage and availability solutions for use on-premises and in the cloud. The speakers in this session will share VMware’s vision and direction for the current and next-generations of products such as vSAN, vVols, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, and more.

Learn about the strategic direction for VMware infrastructure

How vSphere Is Redefining Infrastructure For Running Apps In the Multi-Cloud Era [MCL2500]

The next era of virtualization is upon us. In this session, VMware thought leaders will discuss some of the leading-edge vSphere innovations. Don’t miss this sneak peek on what’s on the horizon for AI/ML, Kubernetes, Project Monterey (DPU acceleration) and software defined memory across DRAM, PMEM, and NVMe.

Enjoy VMworld 2021!

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