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Accelerate CSP Digital Transformation with VMware Ready for Telco Cloud Certified Partner Solutions on VMware Marketplace

VMware Marketplace includes over 200 market-leading, pre-integrated solutions in the VMware Ready for Telco Cloud certification program. Discover how easy it is to find telco ecosystem partners via the Marketplace.

To operate in the digital era, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have long recognized the need to transform into more agile networks that deliver services on-demand, leverage network resources to improve efficiency, and increase optionality via multi-cloud networks.

CSPs around the world have chosen VMware Telco Cloud Platform to enable this transformation, not only for its cloud-native performance, multi-cloud flexibility and software-enabled security, but because it creates a unique foundation for innovation.

Arguably one of the most important facets of transformation is having the ability to create, deliver, and update services for an increasingly demanding customer base. With a single tool kit, VMware platforms have allowed CSPs to begin leveraging DevOps mentalities to extend their service portfolios.

Innovation is not strictly in-house; VMware partner relationships provide value to customers at every layer of the stack:

  • Partnerships with network equipment providers and strategic technology companies help bridge the gap between old and new network solutions
  • Access to leading public cloud providers creates multi-cloud flexibility in environments that leverage the benefits of cloud while enabling the CSP to retain control of the relationship
  • System Integrator partnerships streamline processes and ease operational transformation
  • A vast ecosystem of independent software vendors provides the “easy button” for telco workloads

Due to the sheer number of applications that enable growth, it is the ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs) that provides unique value to extend network innovation. VMware enables this important segment of partners through our VMware Ready for Telco Cloud program.

About VMware Ready Telco Cloud

The VMware Ready for Telco Cloud program simplifies the process of creating multi-vendor networks by certifying telco network functions which interoperate with the VMware Telco Cloud Platform to help CSPs accelerate the deployment of telco workloads. Extending beyond infrastructure certification, the program also verifies that network functions are ready for deployment and tuned for performance, including lifecycle operations through VMware Telco Cloud Automation.

The VMware Ready for Telco Cloud Program brings agility and flexibility to CSPs. With over 200 certifications and a rich ecosystem of partners, our program takes on the integration challenges to accelerate our customers’ transform with cloud-based solutions. VMware actively cooperates with multiple VNF and CNF vendors including key partners like Mavenir, Altiostar, Affirmed Networks, Metaswitch, and more. Appreciating that CSPs also want to continue their relationships with network equipment providers, VMware has certified VNFs and CNFs from a broad range of partners.

VMware Ready for Telco Cloud-certified NFs are trusted elements of VMware’s solution network and are available on VMware Marketplace.

About VMware Marketplace

VMware Marketplace is the single repository for all third-party ecosystem solutions that interoperate with VMware platforms. The Marketplace offers a way to discover, purchase, and deploy validated, third-party, and open-source solutions to VMware endpoints.

The Marketplace catalog has over 200 VMware Ready for Telco Cloud solutions to accelerate CSP transformation projects and ease operations. All certified and pre-integrated, the portfolio of applications covers needs from the data center and core networks to the RAN.  The Marketplace also includes thousands of solutions across an array of categories and formats, including virtual machines, containers, plug-ins, management packs and SaaS.

A selection of VMware Ready for Telco Cloud certified solutions on VMware Marketplace:

Ways to Leverage VMware Marketplace

By moving the complexity of interoperability practices and testing from the service provider to VMware, VMware Marketplace enables CSPs to focus their resources on other operations. In addition, VMware Marketplace enables customers to:

Get Started: How to Discover Validated Telco Applications on VMware Marketplace

Let’s take a look at the library VMware Ready for Telco Cloud-certified functions in our VMware Marketplace. To find VMware Ready for Telco Cloud solutions on VMware Marketplace:

Step 1: Go to marketplace.cloud.vmware.com

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Step 2: Select All Solutions

Step 3: Filter solutions by Certification and select VMware Ready Telco Cloud Infrastructure and VMware Ready Telco Cloud certifications

Learn More

Learn more about the VMware Marketplace by going to the Marketplace webpage and follow @VMwareMarketplace on Twitter for the latest updates and catalog highlights.

To explore VMware’s service provider portfolio, please visit telco.vmware.com.

If you are attending VMworld 2021, be sure to register for the VMware Marketplace session, The Rise of B2B Marketplaces and the Role of VMware Marketplace [VI1460], to learn more about the importance of publishing on B2B marketplaces. Also check out the Edge track, with over 50 sessions and 12 demos for our CSP customers. Registration for VMworld 2021 can be found here.

Questions? Contact the Marketplace team at VMwareMarketplace@vmware.com and the telco team at telcocloud@vmware.com.

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