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What’s New in the August 2021 Release of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

With each release, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC continues to refine itself as an enterprise-optimized infrastructure as-a-Service solution that scales up in density and capacity, providing enterprises with a fully managed, on-premises solution built to handle advanced workloads and virtual desktop environments that are top of mind today. The inclusiveness of the service eliminates any CapEx investment or separate licensing of VMware SDDC software components. It includes comprehensive, proactive support of the provided hardware infrastructure and software, eliminating the cost of professional services most IT organizations purchase to ensure uptime for their end users.

Our August 2021 release, officially announced today, increases the total number of processor cores across the entire VMware Cloud on Dell EMC instance portfolio, providing greater instance workload density. In addition to the increased workload density, today’s release also introduces our new M1d.xSmall instance, which is ideal for Microsoft VDI RDSH workload hosting needs.

Increased Instance Density

Run More Workloads at No Additional Cost

Effective in our August 2021 release, the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC team has updated this service’s entire instance portfolio to deliver greater workload density. This update, which implemented a new, 28 core Intel processor, delivers a 17% increase in the number of CPU cores over our previous instance generation. The result is a significant increase in the number of workloads you can run on each instance at no additional cost. The following table reflects the revised instance specifications effective with this release:

The VMware Cloud on Dell EMC team will continue to focus in bringing additional workload scale to VMware cloud on Dell EMC through various enhancements that maximize every square foot of data center space.

More Cost Effectively Address Smaller Workloads at Scale

As Enterprise workloads have evolved and become more sophisticated, they also have become particular about their individual hosting resource needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to aligning available instances to the specific needs of an ever-growing variety of modern workloads. Mapping each workloads’ needs to an instance type that provide the best combination of compute, storage, and memory helps to ensure optimal workload performance, while keeping costs under control.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC strives to provide customers with an optimal variety of instances that best align with the specific needs of the workload they are running. This said, today’s announced release broadens VMware Cloud on Dell EMC’s instances portfolio with the introduction of our new M1d.xSmall instance. M1d.xSmall is a two socket, 56 CPU core (112 vCPU) instance featuring 768 GB RAM and 3.8 TB SSD storage. The CPU density and cost effectiveness of this instance make it ideal for hosting Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) virtual desktop workloads cost effectively while keeping licensing costs of these sessions under control.

VMworld 2021 is Right Around the Corner

With VMworld 2021 right around the corner, the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC team would like to remind you to sign up for our yearly premier event full of informative sessions and events. Registration is easy and free for a general pass allowing access to most break-out sessions. A full access Tech-Plus pass is also available at an affordable cost. Visit the VMworld 2021 webpage to sign up at:

The VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Team will offer several different opportunities for you to learn more about our innovative, subscription-based infrastructure service at this year’s VMworld event. These opportunities include several different breakout sessions led by VMware Cloud on Dell EMC experts and executives. Below is a list of our team’s key sessions at VMworld 2021:

Dell sponsored
Optimize your on-premises data center with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC [MCL2767S]

What does this mean for our customers and the industry moving forward? Join this session to learn how VMware and Dell Technologies will continue to co-engineer solutions that provide strategic value, including flexible IT, the digital workplace, and everything -as-a-service.

Matt Baker, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, ESG strategy, Dell

The Future of Local and Distributed Cloud with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC [MCL2735]

Join two GMs from Dell and VMware to learn the vision and strategy of local cloud and distributed cloud. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC brings the cloud to your data center and co-locators, such as Equinix. In this session, you will hear about the future of this solution as well as real customer stories on how VMware Cloud on Dell EMC accelerated their cloud journey.

Travis Vigil, Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies

Fidelma Russo, SVP/GM, Cloud Services Business Unit, VMware

Day 2 Best Practices for Customer Success with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC [MCL2028]

In this session, VMware and customer experts will share best practices for Day 2 operations and how to maximize consumption of local cloud as a service with VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. This session will explore networking tips, workload migrations, and programmatic control of the software-defined data center (SDDC) with VMware Cloud APIs.

Aaron Brongersma, Staff Cloud Architect, VMware

Matthew Herreras, Director, Technical Marketing, CSBU, VMware

Stephen Yakovakis , Solutions Engineer, Liberty Mutual

Cloud or On-Prem? Why Not BOTH! VMC on Dell EMC Brings Cloud to the Data Center [MCL2152]

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC provides fully managed infrastructure-as-a-service within the Data Center or at the edge as a cloud service. In this session, you will learn about how VMware Cloud on Dell EMC relieves IT staff from infrastructure management to focus on business transformation. A customer will be discussing how VMC on Dell EMC changed their operating model and IT best practices.

Wei Wang, Senior Dir of Product Marketing, VMware

Sanjeevini Mittal, Senior Director of Cloud Product Marketing, Dell

We hope you will join us for these informative sessions. We will also have VMware Cloud on Dell EMC experts at several other events, including a virtual booth, ready to answer your questions over the two-day global conference. We would love to talk year’s event, however if you are unable to attend, you can always reach out to the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC team by simply emailing us at . A knowledgeable product expert will promptly contact you to discuss how VMware Cloud on Dell EMC can modernize your on-premises IT infrastructure while operationalizing costs.