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Automate your VMware Cloud on Dell EMC with the latest vRealize Automation Cloud Update

Anchored to offering the best self-service hybrid cloud, this month, vRealize Automaton Cloud brings support for VMware Cloud on Dell/EMC along with a handful of native public cloud enhancements and more multi-cloud governance and extensibility.   


Self Service VMware Cloud on Dell/EMC 

Based on the best-in-class VMware SDDC and introduced with VMware Cloud on AWS, “VMware Cloud” is quickly becoming the multi-cloud infrastructure standard that can be deployed anywhere and works with any major cloud vendor : ubiquitous and impartial. Built on the all-time favorite VMware core infrastructure trio (vSphere, NSX, VSAN), VMware Cloud was bound to be an operators’ favorite. Tested in time for its robustness, security, scalability and availability it is designed to address the needs of any modern IT department.  

vRealize Automation Cloud brings the “Self-service” in front of the VMware Cloud to elevate the cloud consumption experience. Accessible through APIs and graphical interfaces, with its unique low code approach that empowers developer and operator collaboration, and its slick service catalog, vRealize Automation Cloud curates the cloud surface providing a hyperscaler-like consumption experience, tailored for your organization’s needs. And as VMware Cloud expands from AWS, Azure , and GCP to Dell/EMC so does vRealize Automation Cloud. Today we are happy to announce that vRealize Automation Cloud has certified its support for VMware Cloud on Dell/EMC. Read this blog for a technical overview of this new functionality. 


Richer Microsoft Azure Automation 

As multi-cloud is becoming the norm in most enterprises, knowledge and organizational silos are created that impede collaboration and, ultimately, operational reliability and speed to market. A consistent, vendor-agnostic operating and governance model for any cloud makes management of heterogeneous environments much simpler. Continuing the drumroll from our 03.21 and 05.21 launches, in this launch, vRealize Automation Cloud brings even more native support for Azure native services. Specifically, vRealize Automation Cloud now offers support for Microsoft Azure Disk encryption set and enhanced snapshot management for Azure Disks.  



As always, this month we are bringing several less visible but equally critical enhancements: Flexible network allocation with shared IP range for multiple networks,  property group enhancements to simplify your cloud organization and additional events to hook-up vRealize Automation Cloud powerful extensibility engines (ABX and vRealize Orchestrator) complete the picture for this month.  

Don’t forget to visit our website for a complete download of the vRealize Automation Cloud features and to start a free 45-Day trial to experience the new features first hand.