Hybrid Cloud Migrate to the Cloud VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS Resilient Infrastructure Maximizes Application Uptime

You can migrate existing business applications from on-premises VMware vSphere data centers to VMware Cloud on AWS without re-architecting for high availability because the infrastructure is resilient by design. 

 By leveraging proven availability technologies and taking advantage of redundancy offered by highly available AWS infrastructure, architects can focus valuable resources on business applications instead of managing the underlying elements.  The VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC stack is ready for your critical applications and maximizes your uptime by preventing or reducing outages from failures at the host, rack, or data center layers. 

 In this new short video, you can see how VMware HA, AWS Partition Placement Groups, stretched clusters, and other innovations can minimize downtime and ensure your applications are providing your customers with the best possible service levels.  


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