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Introducing: Modernizing Infrastructure with VMware Cloud on AWS

They say a book should only be released as a second edition if there is substantial change to the content. Here it is, ‘Modernizing Infrastructure with VMware Cloud on AWS™’, Second Edition.

The aim has been to pack this book with real-world proven strategies and make it the perfect pocket guide for deploying a new SDDC on VMware Cloud on AWS™ or transforming an existing infrastructure in a new way.

VMware Cloud on AWS™ has now, based on pretty much any measure, reached a high level of service maturity and can be thought of as a solution that can meet the needs of enterprise applications of any class. With this new maturity, the time is right to provide an updated version of a book first published in 2019, ‘Modernizing Infrastructure on VMware Cloud on AWS™’.

Announced in 2017 and brought to market in 2018, VMware Cloud on AWS™ was the first to offer VMware customers the unique ability to build a hybrid cloud architecture across on-premises data centers and AWS cloud, the global public cloud market leader.

VMware Cloud on AWS™ is the only jointly engineered hybrid cloud solution delivered, operated and supported by VMware, which offers a wide range of additional benefits, such as stretched clusters, autoscaling, integrated developer center, integrated disaster recovery solutions and a . Making it the ideal platform to deliver a comprehensive hybrid cloud solution.

Never before have businesses had so many options available when it comes to defining an approach to modernizing data centre infrastructure and applications, this book aims to help address these challenges. ‘Modernizing Infrastructure on VMware Cloud on AWS™’ aims to help organizations that are facing complex data centre migration to the cloud and are struggling to navigate the world of cloud adoption.

For a growing number of these cloud initiatives, the hybrid cloud is an exciting prospect but achieving it in a way that organizations have wanted to, have proven challenging. Realizing that goal of data center expansion in a way that can incorporate disaster recovery and cloud migration, has left many businesses siloed in the complex world of multiple cloud initiatives.

For these reasons, VMware Cloud on AWS™ becomes a very compelling story for organizations, with key value propositions such as:

  • The ability to run, manage, and secure applications in a seamlessly integrated hybrid IT environment, without having to rewrite applications or modify operating models
  • Consuming existing skills, tools and processes for managing private and public cloud environments, so that organizations have consistent operations, improved productivity and can reduced costs
  • A simple and consistent way for their existing applications to access native AWS services
  • Providing the ability to innovate and respond to changing business demands within the IT organization for any application, coupled with the elastic infrastructure and the breadth and depth of the native AWS services
  • Delivering a quick time to value, with the ability to spin up an entire VMware Cloud SDDC in under two hours and scale host capacity in just a few minutes

Through reading this eBook, you will not only gain a deep understanding of the VMware Cloud on AWS™ solution, its networking, storage and compute capabilities, but also how a hybrid cloud architecture can become a reality for your organization. Topics and real-world use cases include, application migration strategies, disaster recovery planning and design, automation and operational readiness are all covered in depth, plus lots more.

So what are you waiting for? Download this eBook now and get started with your data center modernization journey with VMware Cloud on AWS

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