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Cloud Field Day 10 On-Demand: VMware Cloud on AWS delivering resilient yet cost effective infrastructure platform for modern applications

It was a fantastic Cloud Field Day 10 event last week with lot of technical information about VMware Cloud on AWS shared by our VMware experts. It was a very engaging conversation with all the CFD10 panelists. But in case if you missed the live event, no worries. We have all the sessions available for you on-demand.

1. Building a better Developer Experience for VMware Cloud on AWS:

Speaker: Dave Shanley

VMware is in the midst of a major transformation that will improve the way customers use and learn about automating and extending the VMware Cloud platform.  A new public developer portal with concise API documentation and an internal emphasis on consistency, completeness, and test coverage is enabling the transition.  Bringing together standards such as OpenAPI, as well as integration with native package repositories for popular languages, will enable teams to integrate VMware  Cloud automation with their other infrastructure-as-code initiatives.

2. Understanding the Economics of VMware Cloud on AWS versus Native Public Cloud

Speaker: Craig Stanley

There are significant migration hurdles and hidden costs in delivering enterprise applications from a native public cloud. This session will identify and evaluate the real  cost and impact of these factors and illustrate how VMware Cloud on AWS can mitigate these costs.

3. Resilient Infrastructure Simplifies High Availability for CloudApplications

Speaker: Eric Gray

When customers deploy to VMware Cloud on AWS, they are free to focus valuable resources on their business applications instead of infrastructure management. Availability and resiliency are designed into the Software-defined Data Center service and the underlying AWS global cloud infrastructure. In this session, you will see how elements of the physical and virtual infrastructure architecture maximize application uptime by protecting against failures in any aspect of the stack.

4. AMA – Multi-Cloud as a Strategy, Inevitable Outcome, or Both?

Speaker: Kit Colbert

In this Ask Me Anything session, VMware Cloud CTO Kit Colbert takes the position that multi-cloud is an inevitable outcome whether you have a strategy or not. In an ideal world, running all your apps on a single cloud is likely best for most businesses. The problem, though, is that it’s very hard to run all apps in only one cloud. There’s no consensus about multi-cloud, so it’s hard to answer the question “Should I go multi-cloud?” The reality is, you can choose your path or have it chosen for you. Try as hard as you may, being single cloud won’t be the case for very long. Something will happen to make you go multi-cloud.

If you missed any of our past Cloud Field Day events, then here are the on-demand sessions for you from the past events. VMware experts have discussed technical deep dives around cloud migration, hybrid cloud operations, Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Networking and Storage in VMware Cloud on AWS, integration with native AWS services and much more.

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