VMware Cloud on AWS

Learn How Host Type and Subscription Terms Affect VMware Cloud on AWS Pricing

VMware Cloud on AWS is a fully managed service that provides resilient infrastructure for any workload.  VMware takes care of the underlying compute, storage, and networking so you can focus on the applications that run your business instead of operating and managing the lifecycle of your infrastructure.  Because your VMware Software-defined Data Center is delivered as a service, you pay just for the number of hosts that you provision.  The major factors that influence the price of the service are the type of underlying physical host and whether to pay hourly or commit to a subscription. 

 There are several tools that can help you plan and estimate your VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure costs. In this new video, you will see how to easily compare pricing for different types of hosts, determine the right number of hosts for your cluster, and calculate the savings when you commit to a subscription. 

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