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New on VMware Marketplace: Simplified search, solution cloning and more!

Over the past few months, we have made it even easier for customers to find third-party and open-source solutions on the VMware Marketplace through improved SEO and more. Plus, we unrolled a host of features to better the publisher experience for our partners, too. Read on for more details!


The VMware Marketplace had a busy last quarter of 2020. In our last blog, we detailed how we managed the consolidation between VMware Marketplace and VMware Solution Exchange – a change that was announced in September. Since that time, the VMware Marketplace team has rolled out a number of significant new changes for our customers and for our partners alike.


Fostering Our Customer-Centric Focus

The VMware Marketplace was built with the intention of enabling the VMware customer base to easily discover and deploy validated third-party ecosystem solutions from ISVs or open source to their VMware environments. In our latest release, we further improved this discoverability aspect through an improved keyword search capability of displaying rank-based search results. Moreover, we also improved the page ranking of our partner’s listing pages by adding product names directly into the browser header tab – so that customers can quickly find the right page even with a simple generic browser search. Finally, we now have a counter showing the number of solutions in each filter category, allowing customers to visualize our catalog’s contents more easily.


Supporting Our Partner Publishers

Our latest release also featured key updates for our partners with published solutions on the VMware Marketplace:

  • A new clone option enables partners to copy an existing solution and start off with pre-filled content such as company name, logo, and resources – making it even easier to publish!
  • New versions of a solution can now be created and sent for approval without affecting the underlying listing page
  • Publishers can now view the number of times that their BYOL solution has been downloaded, by going to Analytics -> Subscription -> Downloads


New VMware Marketplace Content

Be sure to leverage our channels to keep abreast of everything going on with VMware Marketplace:

  • Watch the new demo videos on our webpage, including a walkthrough of the sign-up and sign-in process and a deployment demo in an on-prem environment. Keep this site bookmarked – lots more videos are coming up!
  • Follow us on our brand-new Twitter page! We’ll have daily posts on the latest solutions published to the Marketplace, product updates, partner news, and much more

Spotlight: New Solutions on VMware Marketplace

We are proud to announce that the following partner solutions have been published to the VMware Marketplace so far in January 2021:

Data as of Jan. 15, 2021

Next Steps

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