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Hands-on-Lab: Google Cloud VMware Engine Overview

To support their applications’ complex needs, organizations are moving to the public cloud to achieve greater scale and agility, lower TCO, and develop new cloud-native services and applications to support their customers. Google Cloud VMware Engine allows organizations to accelerate their cloud journey by providing a seamless pathway for mission-critical workloads that run on VMware on-premises to the public cloud.

Google Cloud VMware Engine runs on a fully managed, native VMware Cloud Foundation software stack allowing customers to leverage existing expertise with VMware technologies without the hassles of learning new skills or utilizing new tools.  With the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud, IT teams can quickly derive  business value, develop new applications, and unlock new capabilities and insights from their data by connecting to native Google Cloud Platform services.

Figure One: Google Cloud VMware Engine allows for seamless integration between on-premises VMware-based environments and Google Cloud.

In this Hands-on Lab, we provide an overview of Google Cloud VMware Engine, walk through the steps to deploy a Private Cloud, and configure a fully provisioned VMware environment that is ready to start taking on workloads.

  • Create a Private Cloud Within the Google Cloud VMware Engine portal, you will select your region, configure subnets, and deploy a Private Cloud with a fully provisioned vSphere environment with HCX, NSX-T, and vSAN.
  • Administer the VMware Environment Leverage the familiar vSphere Client to view details on ESXi hosts, manage Resource Pools configured in the vCenter environment, and launch and configure HCX and NSX-T Manager.
  • Migrate Your Workloads With HCX and NSX-T configured, you will be able to migrate virtual machines from an on-premises vSphere environment to Google Cloud VMware Engine with HCX.


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