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Announcing vRealize Log Insight Cloud Enhancements

Original blog posted on August 18th

Want deeper operational visibility across private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments? These new features of VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud help you see and do more – so you can fix issues faster, bolster security and improve the overall performance of your infrastructure.


Private, hybrid, and multi-cloud datacenter deployments are continuously growing at scale and complexity.  Workloads are being created and deployed across physical servers, virtual machines, containers, or as cloud native applications.  With a significant need for all IT teams to comb through their logs daily to search for errors, anomalies, or suspicious activity that may deviate from the norm, we are happy to announce the upcoming release of vRealize Log Insight v8.2 and vRealize Log Insight Cloud!

With new and exciting new features to help with log management, intelligent troubleshooting, and data visualization across your infrastructure and applications, you’ll be able to gain better security and faster troubleshooting with actionable dashboards and analytics that deliver deep operational visibility across your VMware and multi-cloud SDDC.


What’s New!

Homepage Enhancements

vRealize Log Insight Cloud will now incorporate scenario-based onboarding processes with out-of-the-box widgets and customizable landing dashboards.  Time range selector, search to start explorations help customers customize and share data metrics across cross functional teams.  With new widget types such as ‘event trends tables’ and ‘event type tables’, you will be able easily resize and drag widgets within dashboards, create and merge widgets with up to 3 different queries, directly add alerts from the Alerts definition to dashboard, and customize widget colors for improved visualization.



Dashboard Management

Improved dashboard lists for better organization and navigation provide clear actions with better hierarchy through granular filters and tags for contextual clustering of dashboards.  Drag and drop queries or widgets to build personalized views of vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Log Insight Cloud dashboard workbenches to search for logs and sources based on native, custom filtering and tagged strings.



Sharing and Collaboration

vRealize Log Insight Cloud will use webhook configurations to send alerts and notifications to #Slack for project collaborations, provide ability to export reports and dashboards as sharable PDF’s and give access to any dashboards quickly with categorized List views.


Call to Action

Start a free trial now and learn more on why it is so important to have unified log management to meet troubleshooting, security, and compliance requirements across your VMware SDDC, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructures.  Also be sure to register and join us at the 2020 VMworld virtual event!

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