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Jumpstart Your Application Modernization Journey with TKG – Now available within the VMware Cloud Console

The rapid evolution of container-based application technology has left many organizations struggling to keep ahead of the latest developments and trends in the space. To stay on top of this ever-changing landscape, organizations are required to make tremendous investments in time and resources to ensure they are capable of modernizing the way they deliver applications.

VMware recently announced the availability of the VMware Cloud Launchpad to help our customers tackle these significant challenges. Expanding on that announcement, we are excited to highlight the availability of a new featured solution within the Launchpad, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG). With VMware TKG, customers can now jump-start their application modernization journey and access a one-stop-shop to deploy, run, and manage Kubernetes clusters on their VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs.

Customers who have deployed their SDDCs on VMware Cloud on AWS can now take advantage of a curated experience that guides them through the process of building and deploying the next generation of modern applications using container orchestration supported by Kubernetes. Let’s explore this new solution in more detail.



Explore TKG

 From the new Launchpad, you can jump right into the TKG Overview section. Here you’ll find all the essential information needed to get started with Kubernetes. Users will be able to dive into a technical overview of the solution, examine key challenges, and explore the technical features and functionality that allow for the deployment of container-based applications on their AWS SDDCs.

TKG is available for all VMware Cloud on AWS instance types as well as both single and dual-host clusters.




Streamline Operations Across Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

A key component of VMware TKG is the local control plane. This set of virtual machines is deployed on top of existing SDDCs and is used to bootstrap TKG workload clusters where customers run their applications. Once configured, TKG workload clusters can be connected to Tanzu Mission Control, which provides global visibility, policy management, and enhanced security for managing Kubernetes deployments at scale.



Declarative Delivery of Kubernetes Clusters Anywhere

Customers can take advantage of the prepackaged TKG CLI for the configuration of workload clusters and define the size of management VMs. The TKG CLI makes calls directly to management clusters to bootstrap the deployment of workload clusters.




After familiarizing themselves with the capabilities of the solution, customers can move into the next phase of their adoption of TKG via the Journey page. Here customers are provided a step-by-step guide from preparing their SDDC for TKG to deploying Kubernetes clusters and running sample applications. Within this page, VMware has consolidated all of the resources and tools to allow customers to quickly move from learning about Kubernetes to deploying their first application.

The Journey page is also where customers will examine and configure prerequisites for network connectivity and existing vCenters. Once adherence to perquisites are confirmed and connectivity is established, customers will be ready to deploy and validate TKG.

Additional Resources

Customers have provided feedback stating that awareness and education are tremendous challenges when evaluating the adoption of Kubernetes.  VMware has taken steps to bring clarity to this process by aggregating a broad set of resources and documentation and making it readily available within the new Launchpad experience.

Within the resources section, customers will find technical whitepapers and access in-depth videos from both the TKG YouTube channel and VMware Communities pages. These videos explore a wide array of topics and offer guidance from experts in the Kubernetes community.

In addition to these resources, we have also included access to an FAQ within the Launchpad so users can quickly find answers to pressing questions that arise during the process of evaluating TKG.


Take the Next Step

By integrating the VMware TKG within new VMware Cloud Launchpad experience, users will have all of the resources to get started with TKG at their fingertips. VMware has simplified the process of bringing Kubernetes to VMware Cloud on AWS and is excited to serve as a partner on the journey to modernize their application deployments.


If you are interested in receiving more information, or have questions, you can get in touch with our team here.


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