Hybrid Cloud

Introducing VMware Cloud Launchpad – discover, build and deploy native cloud applications

Last August, we announced the vision for the VMware Hybrid Cloud Platform, where customers can manage their SDDC instances as well as view the comprehensive list of steps needed when planning their Data Center migration.  Today, we are excited to announce the VMware Cloud Launchpad – a new and fully integrated logged-out and logged-in experience to help our customers deliver the future of Hybrid IT, accessible directly from the VMC Console, and showcasing the infrastructure providers available through VMware Cloud.

VMware Cloud Launchpad: A One-Stop-Shop for all VMware Cloud Solutions and Infrastructure

The new VMware Cloud Launchpad is a consolidated landing page and starting point designed to help customers learn about the latest VMware Hybrid Cloud solutions and infrastructure offerings.  The Launchpad enables customers to explore the complete portfolio of VMware Cloud, access rich technical documentation and relevant tools, and review step-by-step integrated workflows to help guide their hybrid cloud journey.  The VMC Launchpad exists to provide the how so that Cloud Admins can learn the technical details for our products and quickly achieve their business outcomes.

From the Launchpad, customers can browse our available solutions, including Migration and Kubernetes, as well as the available infrastructure providers, including VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.  Let’s explore each of these in detail.



The VMware Cloud Launchpad Solutions are intended to help accelerate your cloud journey by providing prescriptive, outcome-based swim lanes that guide customers to a specific result.  These Solutions were designed around known customer use cases, starting with Migration and Kubernetes.

  1. The Migration solution is a prescriptive step-by-step service that guides customers through the process of migrating from their on-premises datacenter to VMware Cloud on AWS. It consolidates the information, tools, and resources customers need to go from learning about VMware Cloud on AWS, all the way to migrating workloads to the cloud.  The Migration solution has been available as a standalone service and has now been integrated within the VMware Cloud Launchpad where customers can easily find and leverage the resources it provides.
  2. The Kubernetes solution serves as a one-stop shop for customers to start on their application modernization journey with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG). Customers are provided a step-by-step guide from preparing their SDDC for TKG, deploying Kubernetes clusters, to deploying sample applications.  By consolidating resources, tools, and guidance under the VMware Cloud Launchpad, customers can rapidly go from learning about Kubernetes to deploying their first application.


The VMware Cloud Launchpad also provides a starting point for the infrastructure services that are available today.  Through the Launchpad, customers can learn more about these infrastructure offerings so that they are able to reduce their time to onboarding and launching their first workload.

  1. VMware Cloud on AWS is the preferred service for AWS for all vSphere-based workloads.  Through the VMware Cloud Launchpad, we hope to further accelerate our customers’ journey to the cloud.
  2. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC has been launched with limited availability for customers for the last few months. We are excited to showcase VMware Cloud on Dell EMC through our VMware Cloud Launchpad.  For customers who are interested in VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, the Launchpad will provide them with the ability to learn more about this exciting on-premises, VMware-managed infrastructure solution, and to connect with sales to learn more.  In the future, and once enabled for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, customers would be able to order VMware Cloud on Dell EMC SDDCs directly from the VMware Cloud console and could manage their infrastructure all from one place.

Overview, Journey, and Resources

The VMware Cloud Launchpad is designed to present a 360-degree view of our available Solutions and Infrastructure.  To simplify the how and to help our customers achieve their business outcomes, the Solutions and Infrastructure all follow the same structure, with three high-level categories to provide details that customers need to be successful.

  • The Overview consists of a short video or image that provides a technical overview of the offering, followed by additional details and diagrams discussing the architecture and technical capabilities.

  • In the Journey, customers can see their end-to-end journey for their selected VMware Cloud offering. The Journey is intended to walk a customer through the planning, build, and migration stages step-by-step in a guided fashion based on best practices.  It consists of three or more stages with the intent of helping customers learn and prepare their environment, deploy the offering, and configure the offering to maximize value.  For some offerings, the Journey will also allow customers to track and monitor progress after signing-in.

  • In Resources, customers will find technical documents (white papers, solution briefs, reference architecture, etc.), videos, FAQs, and much more to learn about the underlying technologies and the capabilities of the offering to expand their knowledge.

Anyone Can Explore the Launchpad

The VMware Cloud Launchpad is available to everyone without requiring explicit login.  This means that anyone in a customer’s organization, or new customers who have not yet onboarded to VMware Cloud, can now browse the Launchpad to learn more about our VMware Cloud offerings.


With the addition of the new Launchpad, customers will now have access to a starting point that accelerates their hybrid cloud adoption journey.  Whether logged-out or logged-in with a VMware Cloud account, users will be able to take advantage of rich technical documentation and explore the latest solutions and cloud infrastructure offerings within the VMware Cloud Console.

The new experience provided by the VMware Cloud Launchpad can successfully guide our customers, no matter where they are on their cloud journey.  By leveraging the complete suite of tools, resources, and documentation within this integrated platform, customers can begin at day 0 and progress through successfully migrating and landing on VMware Cloud on AWS, get started learning and launching Kubernetes on their VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs, as well as explore VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

We invite you to learn more about the new VMware Cloud Launchpad, as well as VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, and VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid by accessing directly from the VMC Console, as well as exploring the resources below.  If you are interested in receiving more information, or have questions, you can get in touch with our team here.


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