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Know Before You Go: VMware and AWS at VMworld 2020

Discover how you can take a faster, easier and cost-effective path to hybrid cloud with VMware and AWS. Join us at VMworld 2020 for keynotes, sessions, guided workshops, hands-on labs, meetings with VMware and AWS experts and more.


VMworld 2020 is a virtual global event. Running from September 29 to October 1, it’s available to everyone around the world at no cost – all you need to do to participate is register. Read on for some great reasons to join us and for tips to plan your VMware and AWS activities. 


As VMware’s preferred cloud partner for vSphere-based workloads, AWS will have a significant presence at this year’s VMworld. The virtual format makes it easier than ever for you to learn about our joint hybrid solutions. Whether you’re interested in migrating applications to the cloud, deploying Horizon virtual desktops with VMware Cloud on AWS, running containerized workloads with TKG on VMware Cloud on AWS, scaling databases with RDS on VMware, reducing operational risks or hearing customer stories, there are sessions for everyone!


To help you get the most from our joint offering, we’ve put together this Know-Before-You-Go Guide


In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the highlights.


AWS at VMworld 2020


AWS has prepared a number of on-demand, live and breakout sessions, expert roundtables and hands-on labs for both general pass holders and premier pass holders. 


Interactive sessions (20 minutes, live)


Session ID Session name
HCP3170S Enabling Business Continuity with VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Tuesday, Sep 29 10:00 AM – 10:25 AM PDT 
  • Tuesday, Sep 29 8:00 PM – 8:25 PM PDT 
  • Wednesday, Sep 3 02:00 AM – 2:25 AM PDT
HCP3171S Modernize Your Critical Data Storage on VMware Cloud on AWS Using Native AWS Storage Services

  • Tuesday, Sep 29 10:30 PM – 10:55 PM PDT 
  • Wednesday, Sep 30 12:30 PM – 12:55 PM PDT 
  • Thursday, Oct 1 4:30 AM – 4:55 AM PDT


Breakout sessions (60 minutes, on-demand)


Session ID Session name
HCP3186S VMware Cloud on AWS Architectural Best Practices
HCP3187S Manage Your Data on vSphere with Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS on VMware)
HCP3188S Customer Cloud Stories: Leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS for Agility & Speed




Session ID Session name
HCP3189S Expert Roundtable: Integration Between VMware Cloud on AWS and Native AWS Services
HOL-2184-01-HBD-vmworld Expert Led Hands-on Lab: VMware Cloud on AWS – Getting Started 


Be sure to attend the AWS-led sessions above and visit the AWS virtual booth at the event for more information and interactions with AWS experts!


More recommended VMware Cloud on AWS sessions


Want to learn more about how you can rapidly extend and migrate your VMware environment to the AWS public cloud? Keep exploring our breakout and interactive sessions, roundtables and hands-on labs at VMworld.


For a deeper dive into the must-see sessions and activities, check out our other VMware Cloud on AWS at VMworld 2020 blog


VMware simulated hands-on labs


VMworld includes over 40 interactive simulation labs covering the most popular VMware products. In these labs, you can gain special access to our latest technologies and explore a wide range of today’s most exciting topics. Even better, they are all free to general pass holders


Here’s a taste of what to expect.


VMware Cloud on AWS Lightning Lab

Get to know VMware Cloud on AWS, navigate the Cloud Console and become familiar with options at hand. Experience the simplicity of creating distributed firewall rules for your applications. Then, explore the Developer Center and interact with the available APIs

Find out more


VMware Cloud on AWS Fundamentals

Experience what data center extension is all about after configuring Hybrid Linked Mode between an on-premises vCenter and the one running on your dedicated SDDC in VMware Cloud on AWS. Perform a cold migration and unified search from a single interface. Learn about cloud migration with VMware HCX, the included tool for VMware Cloud on AWS customers that allows you to stretch networks and migrate workloads live from on-premises to VMware Cloud, including bulk migrations which can be scheduled. 

Find out more


Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS


VMware Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud for virtual desktops and applications. Here are our top picks for the topic.


From Horizon VDI On Premises to VMware Cloud on AWS: A Customer’s Journey

VMware customer PennyMac shares their story about how they deployed more than 5,000 VMware Horizon virtual desktops on VMware Cloud on AWS.

Find out more


Lessons Learned: Field Deployments of Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS 

Learn about real-world Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS implementations and deployment considerations from VMware’s field architects.

Find out more


Customer and partner meetings with VMware and AWS


To schedule a meeting with sales leadership, product management and other VMware and AWS experts, please get in touch with your VMware representative. If you’d like to speak with an AWS representative, please email VMConAWS@amazon.com for more information on setting up customer/partner briefings.


Remember to get the guide


Make the most of your learning experience at VMworld with the Know-Before-You-Go Guide.


With your guide in hand, you’ll be on top of all the VMware and AWS activities at VMworld – not just the sessions above, but plenty more technical VMware Cloud on AWS sessions and events hosted by VMware, Cloud City, partners and more!


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