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vRealize Automation Cloud Welcomes Terraform; 08.20 Launch Update

To help support the diverse needs of modern IT teams, we’re delighted to announce new updates to vRealize Automation Cloud. First, there’s the transformational Terraform integration. Plus, new network automation and cloud organization capabilities that support today’s complex cloud environments.


One of the core principles of our VMware Cloud Templates is inclusivity. This month, we bring a major integration to support it: vRealize Automation Cloud can now pull any Terraform configuration (.tf file) into its templating engine and treat it as a first-class citizen – the same as any native templating object. 

Along with the Terraform integration, our 08.20 update adds several network automation and cloud organization capabilities.


Introducing Terraform in vRealize Automation Cloud

Terraform is an open-source Infrastructure-as-Code tool. With its massive breadth of support and developer-friendly interface, it is particularly popular for public cloud consumption within DevOps and cloud-native teams. 

The new integration brings all this richness into VMware Cloud Templates, complementing Terraform with enterprise-grade capabilities such as central state management, extensibility, customizable self-service, infrastructure pipelining and more. Together with the Terraform provider for vRealize Automation Cloud – which is now verified and available in the Terraform registry – this new capability provides bi-directional support and empowers teams that use these tools to collaborate seamlessly. 

Watch this webinar for more details and a demo; or read this step-by-step guide


Network automation everywhere

Automating network provisioning and configuration is an increasingly essential yet challenging use case for our customers. vRealize Automation Cloud has been supporting network automation across clouds, with a focus on NSX. This month we extend support for:

  • NSX Policy Mode
  • Advanced load balancer configurations 
  • One-to-many association for NSX Manager to vCenter 
  • Port forwarding 
  • Day 2 (post-provisioning) actions for firewall rules and security group reconfiguration


Check out our updated, four-part blog series on network automation with Cloud Assembly and NSX to learn more. And don’t miss our new whitepaper, Enterprise Framework for Network Automation.


Flexible cloud organization 

Modern IT teams need to support diverse organizations and requirements. This month we up-leveled two recently introduced capabilities for more flexibility in the cloud organization: additional permission options for adaptive role-based access control (RBAC) and the ability for providers to assign Virtual Private Zones in tenant organizations for multi-tenancy (note that multi-tenancy is currently only supported for service providers through VMware Cloud Provider Hub). 

Furthermore, we expanded pricing for VMware Cloud on AWS resources through vRealize Operations Cloud rate cards. We also updated our integration with ServiceNow ITSM (v8.1.1) for custom request forms and direct hosting in the native ITSM catalog of vRealize Automation catalog items for provisioning. Last but not least, we added resource limits for vSphere 7 Kubernetes namespaces to increase automation in Kubernetes allocation and management. 

To support the increasing adoption of DevOps practices to address IT and infrastructure use cases, we have also published some new blogs walking through common infrastructure pipeline use cases. Learn how Code Stream can create self-service Tanzu Kubernetes clusters and Docker hosts, as well as how it works with Packer to build, test and release VM images.


Visit our website to see a detailed list of vRealize Automation Cloud features or try them for yourself with our free 45-day trial.

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