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vRealize Automation Cloud; 07.20 Launch Update

The latest updates to vRealize Automation Cloud make it even easier for you to manage your VMware cloud environments. From VMware Cloud on AWS automation and custom role definitions, to catalog enhancements, explore what’s new.   


Establishing a self-service VMware cloud is the cornerstone use case for vRealize Automation Cloud and this month we bring it to the next level.


Quick cloud automation setup for VMware Cloud on AWS 

VMware Cloud on AWS is one of the most popular automation targets for vRealize Automation Cloud. With this new feature we make self-service consumption with governance for VMware Cloud on AWS simpler than ever. VMware Cloud on AWS users can now take advantage of the integrated step-by-step guide to set up a fully automated hybrid cloud. And the cherry on top: a pre-approved 45-day free trial to give you time to explore the transformational benefits of vRealize Automation Cloud.


Fully customizable roles

Companies organize their cloud roles and responsibilities in very different ways depending on the amount of control granularity they need to apply. vRealize Automation Cloud already provides several out-of-the-box options for role-based access control (RBAC). Today, with custom role definition, we enable tailoring of authorization levels across virtually every element of the product to adapt to the diverse needs of the modern cloud enterprise.

Read everything about this new capability here.


(Even) better together with ServiceNow ITSM

One of the most popular aspects of vRealize Automation Cloud is its fully customizable catalog. The ability to bring cloud services and templates together across different platforms with consistent policies is invaluable in the multi-cloud era. 

This July, we are enhancing our integration with ServiceNow, the market leader in the IT Service Management (ITSM) space. vRealize Automation Cloud item requests, published in the ServiceNow interface, can trigger advanced workflows with multi-level approvals, automated ticket creation for failures, and email notifications. The latest ServiceNow Orlando release is now supported in addition to Madrid and New York releases.


Kubernetes Supervisor Namespaces as catalog item

Have you tried vSphere with Kubernetes? vRealize Automation Cloud includes Supervisor Namespace in its catalog, to make vSphere with Kubernetes resource allocation and control easier than ever. 


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As VMware’s Cloud Services hit the mainstream, we keep offering new resources to educate our customers: 


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