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Automated Insights for VMware with Runecast Analyzer on VMware Cloud Marketplace

Balancing optimal performance with minimal downtime is critical in your enterprise vSphere environment. Discover how real-time, predictive analytics from Runecast Analyzer – now on VMware Cloud Marketplace – provide smarter insights to save you time for issue resolution.  


Leverage Automated Insights for VMware with Runecast Analyzer, via VMware Cloud Marketplace

For many IT departments, operating and maintaining an enterprise vSphere environment is a critical but complex activity. Companies with applications on these vSphere environments face many challenges as they seek to balance optimal performance and minimal downtime. 

Over the years, the majority of these challenges have been resolved – through blog posts, Knowledge Base articles, security hardening guidelines, best practice guidelines, forums and other community resources. However, it is humanly impossible to keep up with such challenges in a manual, reactive way. 

This is where Runecast Analyzer comes in. Runecast Analyzer’s patented technology checks the configuration and compliance of your infrastructure against best practices, knowledge bases, security standards and a hardware compatibility list. 


Using Runecast Analyzer via VMware Cloud Marketplace

Organizations taking advantage of Runecast Analyzer’s real-time, predictive analytics report large savings on remediation time for troubleshooting issues and complying with security standards in VMware-driven SDDCs. Moreover, they can see the resolution of an issue the second it happens, as Runecast Analyzer scans for specific patterns within vCenter logs in real time. By proactively learning about misconfigurations, organizations are able to prevent potential outages and maintain their infrastructures effectively.

By utilizing Runecast Analyzer for vSphere environments, you can:

  • Stabilize and secure VMware environments through continuous evaluation of environment configuration and logs against known issues, security standards and other resources
  • Evaluate VMware Cloud on AWS security compliance against standards such as CIS, NIST, HIPAA, DISA STIG and PCI-DSS 
  • Extend security across the VMware Cloud portfolio, including on-premises

Runecast Analyzer is now available on VMware Cloud Marketplace – a service that enables easy discovery and deployment of validated, third-party and open-source solutions directly to VMware endpoints. Through the Marketplace, you can deploy Runecast Analyzer to VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Cloud Director and even on-premises – all through a content library.


Learn more in our webinar

On July 28, 2020, Runecast will be hosting a webinar on Automated Insights for VMware with Runecast Analyzer on VMware Cloud Marketplace, featuring Kev Johnson (Systems Engineer – Runecast) and Neeharika Palaka (PMM – VMware Cloud Marketplace). Join us for an overview on:

  • Scanning and running simulations in your VMware environments, using Runecast Analyzer to spot issues that can cause downtime
  • Automating data center security and audit compliance to find vulnerabilities in seconds
  • Aligning infrastructure to VMware best practices for optimal data center performance
  • Utilizing Runecast Analyzer seamlessly on VMware endpoints via VMware Cloud Marketplace


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