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vRealize Automation Cloud, Securely in Frankfurt

VMware vRealize Automation Cloud continues to grow. Following the recent expansion to Singapore – our first hosting region in Asia, we’ve now added Frankfurt, Germany, as our first European hosting region. As Frankfurt is the geographical and economical center of Europe, it was the natural choice.


At a time when cloud heterogeneity and complexity is an ever-growing challenge for organizations, VMware, with vRealize Automation Cloud, simplifies how you manage and consume cloud resources, ensuring consistent operations across your cloud vendors (VMware, AWS, Azure, GCP) and resource types.


Faster, safer, closer

vRealize Automation Cloud is our flagship automation solution, fully managed by VMware and delivered as-a-service. It caters for large organizations and enterprises that need to move quickly and reliably in highly dynamic markets.

As the leading infrastructure automation solution for IT practitioners, vRealize Automation Cloud now brings DevOps at its core to boost agility, scalability and reliability.



vRealize Automation Cloud enables tailored self-service consumption through APIs or catalog interface, powered by infrastructure-as-code and intent-based workload placement. This means developers and other end-users won’t have to jump through hoops to get access to the resources they need to be effective and productive; they can focus on coding and bringing product value. Hosting in Frankfurt also minimizes data latency and connectivity issues.


vRealize Automation Cloud standardizes manual processes based on advanced workflows and infrastructure pipelines, allowing you to reduce the operational and financial risks associated with inefficient processes and inconsistent governance. It also helps enforce a consistent operating model with unified policies, across clouds. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees high availability and peace of mind for the cloud administrator.


vRealize Automation Cloud helps organizations in European countries comply with data sovereignty, data privacy and other regulatory requirements. Now that we’ve expanded to Frankfurt, European customers can be confident that their data will never leave Europe.

The significance of this new hosting region was not left unnoticed by our partner, Atos:

“We are delighted to be building on our strategic partnership with VMware,” says Peter Cutts, Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation Officer, Cloud Enterprise Solutions at Atos. “VMware’s vRealize Automation Cloud is a key part of the Atos Digital Hybrid Cloud (DHC) offering we jointly launched at VMworld Barcelona 2019. With today’s announcement, Atos and VMware enable digitalization at our customers with future-ready, innovative hybrid and multi cloud solutions, to accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs through lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).”

To establish greater trust with our customers, we take transparency a step further by making all our end-user terms and conditions publicly available. We spell out what data we collect and how we treat it. We also publish our security and compliance certifications, as well as our approach to secure our customers’ privacy.


Serving our customers from a region near you

We’re committed to serving our customers across the globe, and Germany is a major hub of activity for finance, transportation, automotive and public governance in Europe and beyond.

In such a competitive cloud era, organizations that embrace automation and continuously evolve will come out on top. vRealize Automation Cloud is here to support you every step of the way, bringing you the latest and greatest VMware technology.

vRealize Automation Cloud is also hosted in Oregon, US; Sydney, Australia; and Singapore.


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