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Part 3: How Customers Fast-track Their Journey to Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS

See how two customers are using VMware Cloud on AWS to extend their on-premises environments using consistent infrastructure. As you’ll discover in the results below, the cost savings and performance gains speak for themselves.

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I love Cloud Economics. Especially as it relates to VMware Cloud on AWS. In past blogs, I’ve shared my theory of economics and how it plays out in the cloud space, particularly behavioral economics and the biases and blind spots that people may have when making cloud decisions. But that is mere theory. What really matters is how people actually use VMware Cloud on AWS.

Which is why I’m happy to share two new case studies we’ve built with our friends from Forrester. While we have a growing stable of big-name customers like Amdocs, Whirlpool, Amadeus, Merck and Liberty Mutual (you can see what these customers have to say about us on the VMware Cloud home page), the real test of a platform’s health is the experience of new customers it brings on board. 

As the customers below demonstrate, VMware Cloud on AWS clearly stands up to the test.


From the “Never Waste a Good Crisis” department

The first customer is a US-based manufacturer of scientific equipment with 80,000 employees spread over 300 global sites. The company has two dozen data centers to support its businesses, operating in a hybrid, multi-cloud manner. 

This customer has a great story to tell. They were already considering VMWare Cloud on AWS, when they were struck by a significant midweek storage outage. VMware Cloud on AWS stepped in fast. By the next week, 300 workloads (VMs) had moved to the cloud. Within another three weeks, they had more than 800 workloads running in the cloud. 

The move to VMware Cloud on AWS produced some great results:

  • 25% reduction in data center footprint
  • 90% reduction in architectural effort and migration costs
  • 50% reduction in software license costs

“VMware Cloud on AWS has been the silver bullet for our overall cloud migration strategy. Without it, we’d probably be stuck at the starting line of trying to get our native cloud migrations going.”
Senior Engineer, Scientific Equipment

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From the “Any Workload, Anywhere” department

The second customer is a mid-sized public school district, West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District, with 10 schools and over 10,000 students. It maintains a single data center supporting technology services delivered to teachers, students and administrators.

The organization wanted to improve resiliency and infrastructure flexibility, while reducing costs – so the IT team started exploring cloud options. They evaluated multiple cloud vendors, but were worried about moving to a fully native environment, which would require refactoring of workloads and would limit their ability to move back on-premises if they desired.

They were sold on VMWare Cloud on AWS when they realized it provided a consistent environment with their on-premises technology stack. With VMware Cloud on AWS, they could move back and forth between on-premises and cloud environments at will.

By moving to VMware Cloud on AWS, the School District experienced:

  • 50% to 70% reduction in replacement costs
  • Improved agility to move workloads to and from cloud
  • 5-minute Recovery Point Objective

“There really is no challenge with this solution. As easy as you can move workloads up, you can move them back down. They are 100% intact from point A to point B and from point B to point A.” 

Technology Infrastructure Manager, West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District

Read more about their experience here.


Results speak for themselves

As the above examples show, moving to VMware Cloud on AWS delivers real, tangible value at a lower total cost. It’s one of the reasons I love working on Cloud Economics at VMware. 

If you are interested in finding out how much you could save, try our VMware Cloud on AWS TCO Calculator.

To learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS, here are some learning resources. Or, you can get started now with VMware Cloud on AWS by purchasing the service online.