VMware Cloud on AWS

Hybrid Cloud Platform Powers The New VMware Cloud

Two years ago, at VMworld, we launched VMware Cloud on AWS, an industry leading, jointly engineered cloud service with AWS. Since then we have delivered over 200+ features, expanded to 16 global regions in North/South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific-Japan, provided 8 major SDDC updates and multiple minor ones, with a 99.99 SLA (for Stretched Clusters). Customer momentum is unprecedented across industry verticals for use cases such as data center wide migrations, data center extension, disaster recovery, new application development, Desktops and more. If you want to learn what’s new with VMware Cloud on AWS, read this blog post here. 


In the past year, VMware has made further progress in delivering this model to a customer’s on-premises environment, including data center and edge locations. Today we are also announced the availability of VMware Cloud on Dell-EMC [http://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2019/08/announcing-initial-availability-of-vmware-cloud-on-dell-emc.html].  At AWS re:Invent 2018, we announced an extended partnership with AWS Outposts that further enables us to deliver a consistent cloud experience to on-prem locations. In addition, we launched partner operated cloud partnerships with Azure, and Google. All in all, the combination of these VMware and Partner operated offerings has enabled customer choice across all major public cloud providers and on-premises locations. 


New Challenges 

As the VMware Cloud model spread across global regions, data center, and edge locations, it created a new set of customer challenges. Customer feedback from multiple channels, including the recent User Summit pointed to three main areas.  

  1. A better way to manage an increased number of SDDCs in addition to their existing on-premises infrastructure stack. 
  2. An increased set of capabilities in the areas of hybrid operations (logging, monitoring, network troubleshooting), cost optimization, security, and more.  
  3. An increased set of Managed Services (Desktops, Migration, Self-Service, Kubernetes) from VMware and the Partner Ecosystem to enable fast modernization 

This feedback has helped us shape the next stage in the evolution of VMware Cloud. 


Hybrid Cloud Platform 

Today, we are excited to announce a new VMware Cloud vision powered by VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Platform. We believe that this empowers our customers and partners to deliver the future of Hybrid IT and address several key challenges. 

The Hybrid Cloud Platform consists of three main areas: 

1) Consistent Infrastructure deployments across Cloud, Data Center, Edge, partnering with Cloud & Hardware Providers using a common SDDC management framework. The key capabilities for this include: 

  • Common SDDC management APIs, and a unified VMware Cloud Console 
  • Common identity, access, onboarding, support, notifications and billing 
  • SDDC inventory, grouping & health across Cloud, Data Center, and Edge 
  • Consistent SDDC provisioning, ordering & fulfillment flows, and patch/upgrade framework 
  • Elastic capacity add/remove based on compute, storage, networking policies 
  • Common set of ecosystem partner integrations including VMware Cloud Marketplace (with Bitnami) integration 

 2) Hybrid Operations that enables IT to manage the SDDC infrastructure deployments at scale, with minimal resources. The hybrid operations capabilities are integrated with infrastructure for these areas: 

  • Audit & Logging with vRealize Log Insight Cloud 
  • Infrastructure Monitoring with vRealize Operations Cloud 
  • Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting with vRealize Network Insight Cloud 
  • Observability & Application Monitoring with Wavefront 

3) Solutions that focus on customer outcomes via simple, step-by-step workflows that quickly achieve a goal. These solutions are engineered with underlying VMware service integrations and can be applied to any new or existing SDDCs deployed in Cloud, Data Center, or Edge. These solutions include: 

  • Cloud Migration – Provides a prescriptive and intuitive experience for IT operators to migrate a large Data Center to VMware Cloud 
  • Desktops as-a-service – Enables IT Desktop Administrators to rapidly deploy persistent and ephemeral desktops across a hybrid infrastructure architecture with no lifecycle management  
  • Workload Self Service – Accelerates the speed of application deployment through a catalog of infrastructure blueprints and VM templates  
  • Kubernetes Management – Managed cloud service for your Kubernetes infrastructure underpinned by Project Pacific 

We will continue to expand our hybrid operations, and solutions portfolio over time including integrations with Ecosystem partners.  As we continue to develop our offerings, we would love to hear from you on how to make VMware Cloud better suited to your company’s needs.  


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