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VMware vRealize Automation Cloud, now hosted in Singapore

Great news for Singapore companies seeking to leverage the benefits of VMware vRealize Automation Cloud. Singapore is now the third hosting region worldwide for this powerful SaaS platform, solving data sovereignty and compliance issues, and enabling companies to innovate faster.


vRealize Automation Cloud harbored in Singapore

Singapore is emerging as the technology capital of Asia, renowned for its thriving, innovative environment. To be the best of the best here, companies need speed and agility. vRealize Automation Cloud delivers. 

With its simple consumption and management surface across clouds, and its DevOps practices for infrastructure, vRealize Automation Cloud helps companies to innovate faster. Yet, until now, data sovereignty and compliance remained local roadblocks, especially for large enterprises. 

VMware is delighted to announce that Singapore has become the first Asian hosting region, and the third worldwide, for vRealize Automation Cloud. This solves the data sovereignty and compliance issue for companies in Singapore and the rest of Southeastern Asia looking for a competitive edge.

Starting today, our customers in Singapore will have the option to host their preferred cloud automation solution locally, while enjoying all the benefits of SaaS delivery.  


Benefits of SaaS delivery with vRealize Automation Cloud

  • Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection – Working from home or from the office, vRealize Automation Cloud is always up and available. 
  • Infinitely scalable – vRealize Automation Cloud was born in the cloud and molded by it. With its new microservices architecture, vRealize Automation Cloud can scale with the cloud, on demand. It is designed to address the needs of the largest organizations.
  • Flexible consumption model – On-demand pricing or commitment plans, and support for various transaction methods, from ELAs and purchase orders to credit cards. Visit the vRealize Automation Cloud pricing page for more information or contact a VMware sales representative for a tailored quote.
  • Managed by VMware – No need for servers or maintenance, VMware SREs take care of this. With many companies looking to “get out of the data center business”, this is a compelling proposition.
  • Monthly feature launches – Before evangelizing agility and velocity for our customers we did it ourselves. Every month, we add powerful new capabilities that become readily available to all our customers. That’s the power of SaaS!


Our commitment to transparency

SaaS is the modern way to consume software and VMware fully embraces it. To help build trusted, transparent relationships with our customers: 


Singapore is the third region for vRealize Automation Cloud, adding to US West and Sydney regions. Stay tuned as we unroll new regions where our customers most need us. 


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vRealize Automation Cloud simplifies consumption and management for all major clouds (VMware, AWS, Azure, GCP) and workload types (IaaS, PaaS, Kubernetes). 

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