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Kubernetes Backup and Mobility with Kasten K10 via VMware Cloud Marketplace

With more organizations adopting containerized applications, there is a growing demand for backup, disaster recovery and mobility solutions for Kubernetes applications. Discover how Kasten K10, available on the VMware Cloud Marketplace, paves the way for application protection.


Enterprises are accelerating their journey to cloud-native technologies and operations, with the number of containerized applications growing at a rapid rate. Across industries, more enterprises are choosing to run stateful applications on Kubernetes, using VMware vSphere’s support for First Class Disks (FCDs) and Cloud Native Storage (CNS). These containerized stateful applications leverage storage exposed by vSphere, alongside primitives like standard volume, persistent volume and dynamic provisioning. 

Yet with the rapid pace of change, Day 2 services have become a here-and-now problem. Data management functions like backup and disaster recovery, along with application mobility, need to be addressed. 

This is where Kasten K10 comes in. This data management software platform has been purpose-built for Kubernetes. Its application-centric approach and deep integrations with relational and NoSQL databases, storage systems, and Kubernetes distributions enable the backup/restore and mobility of the entire Kubernetes application.

Easy to deploy and operate, Kasten K10 is now available on VMware Cloud Marketplace, providing VMware customers with a Kubernetes backup and mobility solution that is easy to deploy and operate. 

Benefits of Kasten K10

  • Protect applications without developer overhead: K10 auto-discovers applications, adapts to changes, and dynamically maps policies to the current state of the application running on your Kubernetes clusters, with no developer or CI/CD pipeline changes required.
  • Easy-to-deploy software-only platform: The software-only K10 data management platform can be self-deployed within minutes with your cloud and on-premises Kubernetes installations, no training or professional services needed.
  • Reliable policy-based backup workflows: K10 manages backups at scale through automation and dynamic policies. This avoids the need for custom scripting and allows you to easily create broad policies for data management compliance.
  • Improved time to market: VMware’s global footprint and storage coupled with Kasten K10’s powerful workflows and centralized management significantly reduce time spent on data management tasks and managing storage infrastructure.
  • Seamless operations and Kubernetes application portability: K10 enables disaster recovery workflows across your Tanzu Kubernetes Grid environment; as well as support for seamless data conversion between infrastructure formats when needed.

Register for the upcoming webinar to learn more


On June 10, 2020 at 9 AM PDT, the VMware Cloud Marketplace team is participating in a joint webinar with our published partner, 

In the webinar, Kasten Co-founder and VP, Engineering Vaibhav Kamra will join Neeharika Palaka, PMM, VMware Cloud Marketplace, to talk about:

  • How to do Kubernetes application backup and mobility in vSphere environments 
  • Why you should use VMware Cloud Marketplace to deploy Kasten K10
  • How to sign up for VMware Cloud Marketplace today


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