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Part 2: How Customers Fast-track Their Journey to Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS

Considering a move to hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS? Check out this blog and learn how VMware Cloud on AWS is helping customers accelerate their hybrid cloud journey and achieve their key business outcomes.

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In the first blog of this series, we shared the experiences of customers as we approached the two-year anniversary of VMware Cloud on AWS. Since then, more customers around the world have been accelerating their hybrid cloud journey by leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS. They represent many industries: banking, finance, insurance, high tech, healthcare, retail, government, services, manufacturing, transportation, education, media & entertainment, and more. And they have one goal in mind: to increase agility and rapidly migrate or extend to the public cloud with an integrated, cost-effective solution.

In this blog, we will share more customer stories – including one from VMware IT. We will explore their experiences across a variety of use cases, learn how VMware Cloud on AWS helped them overcome the challenges of implementing a hybrid cloud, discover their business outcomes, and more.

The first two stories describe organizations that needed to rapidly move their workloads to the public cloud, and did so with VMware Cloud on AWS.

William Hill 

William Hill is a leading player in the fast-moving, highly competitive global gaming market. Technology is a key component of the company’s business strategy. Employing more than 16,000 people in eight countries, William Hill is continually innovating to bring its customers engaging ways to game, including in betting shops, sports books, online, or on mobile devices. Its online platform generates 5.2 million transactions per day, a figure which grew 14% in six months.

William Hill wanted to be quicker to absorb new acquisitions, faster to launch in new markets, and faster to roll-out new digital products to customers. They chose VMware Cloud on AWS to help them move workloads quickly into the public cloud with the goals of elastic scale, speed to market, and operational cost savings.

Watch this video to hear more about their hybrid cloud strategy.

Provident Mexico

Provident Mexico is the leading provider of personal loans in Mexico and has been operating in the country for 16 years. It is part of International Personal Finance (IPF), a company that specializes in home loans with more than 130 years of experience. IPF is based in the United Kingdom, with a presence in Central Europe and Mexico.

To boost growth, the company implemented a strategy to move its central and satellite applications to the cloud. To accomplish this migration, Provident needed to reduce its costs of managed services and find a partner that could provide an easy-to-use, low-risk migration solution that would help them comply with laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Here is how Provident Mexico describes their journey:

“This has been the journey we have taken with VMware, and the project was a resounding success. We planned to complete it in six to eight months, but it was done in five and one-half months. We are very happy with everything, and this will greatly support our digital transformation.” Néstor Rodríguez, Director of Technology and Change, Provident Mexico

Read more about their experience in this case study.

The next two stories describe how these customers replaced their existing Disaster Recovery environments with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company (PLM) is a property and casualty insurance carrier serving the lumber and building materials industries. Founded almost 125 years ago, the company offers coverage to lumberyards, retail dealers, and transport vehicles in all states in the U.S.

As a niche insurance provider for the lumber industry, it’s critical for PLM to maintain business continuity while keeping IT operations lean. The company is moving application workloads to the cloud and lately migrated its Disaster Recovery site to VMware Cloud on AWS with the help of VMware Cloud Verified partner Faction. This move reduced costs by nearly 20 percent and gave PLM the scalability and resiliency to keep business-critical systems running in the event of a disaster.

“VMware and Faction have paved the way for us to continue moving our workloads to the cloud. We aim to have a distributed IT environment across multiple private and public clouds—which ultimately keeps our operations more secure and available.” BJ Gardner, Lead Systems Architect, Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company

Read more about their story in this case study.

Scottish Government 

Huge expanses of Scotland are for farming or forestry. The Agriculture and Rural Economy (ARE) Directorate, one of the largest departments in the Scottish Government, oversees rural land management, agricultural policy, and animal health, among other areas. 

ARE’s Disaster Recovery facility was due to close, so they took the opportunity to test whether DR could run in the cloud. They ran a Proof-of-Concept with House of Brick Technologies, a long-term services provider and VMware partner, and completed it in just three weeks!

“Boy, was it doable. We were able to execute quickly, with the skills we already had. Plus, it was the most cost-effective option. VMware Cloud on AWS was a no brainer.” Neill Smith, Head of IT Infrastructure, Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate, Scottish Government

The Scottish Government shares more about the strategy in this blog.

These next two stories show how customers turned to VMware Cloud on AWS to scale and protect their on-premises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) needs in the public cloud.


Cepsa, a global company that operates throughout the oil and gas value chain, is one of the leading energy companies in Spain and operates on all five continents. The company, in its commitment to safety and health, works daily with the aim of guaranteeing a safe environment for its employees, customers, and suppliers.

To overcome business disruption caused by a critical health crisis, the company that already had consolidated teleworking practices extended them further to allow more employees to work from home, ensuring business continuity while keeping its employees safe. 

Learn more about how Cepsa provided an infrastructure of additional virtual desktops in the shortest possible time with VMware Cloud on AWS in this blog.

George Sink 

For more than 40 years, George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers has helped thousands of injured and disabled people get the money and support they need. The law firm has 280 employees operating across 15 offices in South Carolina and Georgia.

The firm continues to expand to new cities and towns across the region. To support their growth, CIO Timothy Mullen decided to bring the infrastructure into the cloud for greater agility, scalability, and enhanced disaster recovery. Their decision to work with VMware Cloud on AWS was straightforward as the solution delivers the strong performance and familiarity of the traditional VMware infrastructure in a scalable, fast, and highly secure cloud environment.

“It’s hard to put into words what a difference VMware Cloud on AWS gives to our firm. I’m no longer bogged down with technical challenges and can concentrate on providing more value to the firm through fast IT support and proactive preparation. We’re ready for anything that comes our way to keep our firm running smoothly for our clients.” Tim Mullen, CIO, George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers

They share more about their journey in this case study.

And as a final story, we’d like to share how the VMware IT organization scaled beyond their on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMware IT 

VMware’s rapid organic and acquisition-based growth caused VMware IT to look beyond their private cloud infrastructure to the public cloud to meet the increased demand for compute resources. The organization migrated several mission-critical and core services to VMware Cloud on AWS, enabling IT to easily contract or expand capacity based on workload demands.

This blog describes more details about network connectivity, core services, day 2 operations initiatives, and reference architectures for their use cases. 

You’ve heard how these customers are fast-tracking their journey to hybrid cloud. You can too! If you would like to learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS, browse the following learning resources. Or get started now with VMware Cloud on AWS by purchasing the service.