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Container Registry: Easily Deploy Container Assets on VMware Cloud Marketplace

The VMware Cloud Marketplace team recently released our container registry feature, enabling you to easily deploy container assets. In this article, we show you just how simple it is.


Last month, the VMware Cloud Marketplace team released our container registry feature, enabling customers to easily deploy container assets, such as Helm charts and Docker images. 

In this blog, we cover how you can:

  • Use container solutions on VMware Cloud Marketplace
  • Publish a container solution to the VMware Cloud Marketplace registry
  • Deploy a container solution using the VMware Cloud Marketplace registry

Using container solutions 

There are several elements on the VMware Cloud Marketplace homepage to help you browse container solutions:

  1. Search bar for free-form search
  2. Solution type buttons directing you to a catalog of different types of solutions – in this case, containers
  3. Deployment platform buttons allowing you to browse solutions by cloud environment – in this case, VMware PKS
  4. Curated sets of catalog selections – in this case, a containers solution selection

Figure 1: Finding container solutions on VMware Cloud Marketplace

Simply browse through the catalog until you find the right solution. The search and filter options on the right-hand side help with the selection process. 

Once you’ve selected a particular container solution, click on the tile to view the solution page. On the page, you’ll find step-by-step deployment instructions on how to use the solution. Please note, deployment instructions appear only when logged in to VMware Cloud Marketplace.

Figure 2: Top – Deployment instructions in the solution page; Bottom – detailed instructions (blurred here)

Publishing a container solution 

Partners can now publish container solutions that will be stored as images in VMware Cloud Marketplace’s own container registry. This way, partners can help our joint customers benefit from VMware’s enterprise-grade security, reliability and availability.

During the publishing process, you can now  enter your  Docker registry link, Docker tags and other solution-specific information. 

Figure 3: Publishing a container solution to the Marketplace registry

Deploying a container solution 

You can now deploy container solutions seamlessly by using  VMware Cloud Marketplace’s container registry.

For solutions using this functionality, you’ll  be able to see a full set of deployment instructions. First, use the Docker login instructions to access the marketplace registry, then use the Docker tags to access a particular solution, pulling it directly from the registry.  The marketplace registry provides higher security and reliability, as well as a uniform user experience across different format types in the catalog.

Figure 4: Deployment instructions to pull directly from the Marketplace registry


The video below guides you through the three parts discussed above: browsing, publishing and deploying container solutions on VMware Cloud Marketplace using the container registry.

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