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VMware’s Multi-Cloud Podcast – A Resource for Cloud Builders

We launched the VMware Multi-Cloud Podcast series last year to help organizations navigate the complexities of managing multiple cloud environments. In case you missed any episodes, here’s a recap.


Every large organization, whether commercial or government, is focused on modernizing its application portfolio. Because of this, whether your title starts with Cloud, Solution, Application or Enterprise, if it ends with Architect, there’s a good chance part of your job is focused on figuring out how to best modernize your application portfolio and match your application’s environmental requirements with a specific cloud.

Picking the right environment for each application in isolation is hard enough, but the challenge increases as you look across multiple applications and try to make decisions that support your organization’s needs both today and in the future. The siloed nature of clouds drives this added complexity. Each cloud, whether private or public, has its own unique operations and security models, APIs, and value-added cloud services. This often means the decisions you make today will not be easy to change in the future.  

To help organizations navigate this complexity, Eric Nielsen and I launched a new podcast series that looks at how VMware technologies support both application modernization and multi-cloud strategy initiatives.  


VMware’s technology evolution

Most architects know that VMware, through its vSphere offering, pioneered virtualization of compute in the data center. Fewer know that VMware extended its scope to include virtualization of networking, security (VMware NSX) and storage (VMware vSAN) so organizations could fully virtualize all the major infrastructure technologies used in the data center. VMware brought that technology stack together with its industry-leading data center infrastructure monitoring and automation software (vRealize) to create VMware Cloud Foundation. 

And if you didn’t know the above, you surely didn’t know that for several years VMware has been focused on partnering with all the major hyper-scalers (such as AWS, Azure and Google) so these cloud providers can support running the VMware cloud stack (based on VMware Cloud Foundation) on bare metal in their environments. VMware has also added to its technology portfolio a rich set of capabilities in the area of modern apps. These capabilities support organizations that want to build, run and manage modern apps, while leveraging the same technologies across any combination of clouds they choose to use.  


Making VMware tech digestible

All of this is what VMware brings to the table to help organizations with their app modernization and multi-cloud initiatives. It can be a lot to take in. That’s  why Eric and I created this podcast. The series explores all these areas and gives listeners a way to fully understand how VMware can help them across a broad range of initiatives, to both modernize their applications and select cloud environments to support them. 


Below is a sampling of topics addressed as part of the podcast series:

  • VMware Tanzu technologies and Pivotal Labs services – how you can run and manage modern apps across any combination of clouds.
  • VMware Cloud Foundation deployed on hyper-scaler clouds – how to achieve cloud migration objectives in a fraction of the time and cost of alternative approaches.
  • VMware working with third-party technologies to support DevOps velocity – how to leverage an ecosystem of technologies to improve your CI/CD processes by adopting an emerging paradigm called continuous verification.
  • VMware’s approach to managing clouds with different infrastructures – how to take a step-by-step approach to maturing and unifying the management of a multi-cloud environment.
  • VMware Intrinsic Security – how to simplify and improve cloud security by using fewer but more effective technologies.


More to come

The topics above aren’t comprehensive, so check out the playlist for yourself. Eric and I will continue to add fresh new content for architects that helps you address both application modernization and multi-cloud strategies. Listen to the podcast here. We hope you enjoy it.

Looking to better understand VMware’s unique approach to multi-cloud architecture? Get the definitive guide here.


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