VMware Cloud on AWS

Join us for VMware Cloud on AWS sessions at vForum Online Spring 2020: Available now on-demand!!!

VMware vForum Online Spring 2020 is available now on-demand. Check out lot of  technical sessions, hands-on labs, Q&As, and more as per your convenience. A real highlight is the five sessions on VMware Cloud on AWS – and how it is helping organizations to embrace a hybrid cloud future.


It was a fantastic vForum Online Spring 2020 . Thank you everyone who joined us live at vForum Online Spring 2020. We had thousands of IT professionals join us to expand their knowledge across multi-cloud, virtual cloud networking, digital workspaces, intrinsic security, and building modern apps. For those who missed the live action today, no worries. All vForum Online Spring 2020 sessions are now available on demand.

There were 38 technical breakout sessions across different tracks. Under the Multi-Cloud track, one of the important topics we discussed was VMware Cloud on AWS. In this blog, I would like to give an overview of key sessions we offered on VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud solution that extends on-premises vSphere environments to a VMware SDDC running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) elastic, bare-metal infrastructure that is fully integrated as part of AWS. VMware Cloud on AWS offers a modern hybrid cloud platform that helps customers migrate, extend, protect and modernize their applications in a simple, fast, cost-effective and risk-free manner. It helps customers continue their business operations in any unplanned events by providing instance IT infrastructure capacity in the cloud. With VMware Cloud on AWS, customers can seamlessly migrate their enterprise workloads to AWS cloud without any refactoring or re-architecture and without any downtime. It provides them an infrastructure platform option to modernize their existing enterprise applications and enables them to run their enterprise workloads of today and tomorrow.


In vForum Online Spring 2020, there were 5 technical deep dive sessions on VMware Cloud on AWS. You can watch these sessions now on-demand. Here is the list of sessions on VMware Cloud on AWS:

  1. Cloud Economics: The Business Case for Hybrid Cloud

How do you cost-justify a cloud project? This session will provide an economic framework for thinking about the evolution of data center to cloud and making a business case for the right mix between on-premise and off-premise computing. Hear from our experts who will discuss the trends in hybrid cloud, the issues around the “what” of cloud computing including cost and time that appear when considering moving workloads to the cloud.

  1. Modernizing Business Critical Applications and Workloads with Hybrid Cloud

IT can’t afford to deliver the status quo with business-critical applications and workloads. Today’s businesses require faster, more agile and repeatable development processes with features and functionality that can enable new capabilities such as artificial intelligence and microservices. Join this session to find out how to evolve existing on-premises enterprise applications built on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP (deployed on VMware vSphere) by evolving to a hybrid cloud infrastructure.  Learn how expanding to VMware Cloud on AWS offers increased agility, capacity and security, to confidently and efficiently modernize business-critical applications and workloads. In addition, with VMware Clouds enterprises can smoothly move around services from on-premises to the cloud platform they decide, depending on business needs.

  1. VMware Cloud on AWS: Technical Deep Dive

VMware Cloud on AWS- 3+ years in the market, 30+ major and minor updates till date, availability across 17 regions across the globe. VMware Cloud on AWS is helping customers seamlessly extend their on-premises environment to the cloud with minimal risk, complexity and costs. With customer’s requirements being our top priority, we are releasing features every month. In this webinar, you will learn about all technical details of some of the key features and capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS such as:

  • The AWS VPC and Endpoint configurations, AWS account linking, SDDC administration
  • Deep dive on Compute: cluster configuration, cluster expansion, Elastic DRS
  • Storage and networking configuration
  • Availability: vSphere HA, Stretched clusters
  • Workload mobility- Migration techniques, VMware HCX
  • Hybrid operations
  • VMware Cloud on AWS APIs and much more.
  1. Seamlessly Extend Your Data Center to Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS

According to a recent survey by Enterprise Strategy Group, 93% organizations are committed to hybrid cloud strategy. But while embarking on this hybrid cloud path, what are the key requirements you are looking for? Are you looking for a cost-effective, scalable, fast, simple and consistent, and secure solution to extend your on-premises data center to the public cloud? Then you are at the right place. VMware Cloud on AWS is the hybrid cloud solution that helps you accelerate your hybrid cloud journey with minimal risk and complexity. According to a recent IDC study, customers were able to reduce their total cost of operations by 35% and achieve 78% less unplanned downtime when they used VMware Cloud on AWS vs other native cloud options. But how were customers able to achieve this? Learn more about it here in this webinar. We will cover:

  • Trends driving hybrid cloud adoption and key pain points while adopting hybrid cloud
  • How VMware Cloud on AWS addresses these hybrid cloud adoption challenges
  • Key features and capabilities such as compute and storage cluster configuration, policy management, elastic DRS etc.
  • Hybrid cloud operations
  • Migration capabilities and interconnectivity options
  • Customer success stories
  • And much more
  1. Rapidly Migrate and Modernize Your Applications with VMware Cloud on AWS

Modern applications are transforming businesses to deliver improved digital experiences to win, serve and retain customers. However, when customers consider application modernization of their existing on-premises applications, they face many challenges such as poor integration capabilities due to aging infrastructure, lack of necessary tools, skill sets and services required for modernization. And that’s where, VMware Cloud on AWS helps customers in accelerating their modernization journey. VMware Cloud on AWS provides a platform for running customers’ enterprise workloads of today and tomorrow. In this webinar, we will cover:

  • A brief overview on how you can migrate applications in a simple, risk-free and cost-effective manner using VMware Cloud on AWS
  • How VMware Cloud on AWS can help you overcome these modernization challenges
  • How to start your modernization journey with 3 different aspects:
    • By automating the underlying infrastructure operations with DevOps tooling: We will discuss about automation tools, developer tools and developer center
    • By transforming applications with modern frameworks such as Kubernetes: We will talk about Tanzu Kubernetes Grid support on VMware Cloud on AWS
    • By enriching applications with native cloud services: We will give examples of how you can leverage AWS services across different categories to modernize your existing applications

If you would like to learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS, here are some learning resources for you and you can get started now with VMware Cloud on AWS by purchasing the service via web here.