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VMware Cloud on AWS: What’s new with advanced operations management

Discover how new advanced capabilities in the VMware vRealize extend the benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS, helping you to optimize, plan, and scale your hybrid cloud deployments; improve network security and connectivity; and analyze data to fix issues faster.

VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud solution that extends on-premises vSphere environments to a VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) elastic, bare-metal infrastructure that is fully integrated as part of AWS. It delivers consistent operations across the cloud infrastructure with familiar and proven technologies such as VMware vCenter Server for day-to-day operations and VMware vRealize set of technologies for advanced operations.

Today, VMware announced the availability of several new capabilities from an advanced operations standpoint. Here, we take a look at them.

VMware vRealize Operations/vRealize Operations Cloud

 VMware vRealize Operations can help VMware Cloud on AWS customers to optimize, plan, and scale their hybrid cloud deployments. Powered by AI/ML, vRealize Operations provides continuous workload optimization and balancing, capacity and cost management, intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance; as well as automated workload balancing, based on business and operational intent, across VMware Cloud on AWS clusters to assure performance for critical applications. 

vRealize Operations delivers unified monitoring and troubleshooting across VMware Cloud on AWS and vSphere-based private clouds to accelerate mean time to resolution (MTTR) and decision making. Real-time, machine learning driven capacity and cost analytics provide optimization, rightsizing and reclamation across hybrid cloud, while the latest what-if planning scenarios help customers plan migration and decide where to deploy new projects. VMware Cloud on AWS billing system integration enables customers to manage and optimize spend. Built in configuration and compliance for VMs on VMware Cloud on AWS helps monitor and remediate security configuration as well as compliance stature against common templates like ISO, HIPAA, or against custom compliance standards. 

VMware vRealize Operations is available both as perpetual on-premises software and VMware cloud subscription. vRealize Operations Cloud provides feature parity with vRealize Operations giving VMware Cloud on AWS customers ultimate flexibility and choice. 


The following new capabilities enhance VMware Cloud on AWS operations management:

  •   Integrating VMware Cloud on AWS as an end-point into vRealize Operations, removing the need for a management pack installation
  •   Auto-discovery of new SDDCs and inclusion for monitoring in a few simple steps
  •   One account to manage multiple VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs including vCenter, vSAN, and NSX
  •   Full integration with VMware Cloud on AWS bills
  •   Enhanced VMware Cloud on AWS migration assessment with enhanced UI for managing infrastructure configurations such as CPU and memory; and the ability to change subscription plans and customer discounts to suit a customer’s unique needs
  •   New dashboards for VMware Cloud on AWS specific scenarios:
  •   Monitor KPIs for NSX Edge Routers
  •   Track usage and performance of management VMs including NSX Edges, Controller and vCenter server
  •   Monitor all the key resources including CPU, Memory, Disk and Network for infrastructure and workloads
  •   Track capacity trends to forecast Time Remaining, Capacity Remaining and Virtual Machines Remaining metrics
  •   Find victim and villain VMs based on current and historical usage trends with powerful data transformation functions
  •   Enhanced VMware Cloud on AWS networking support for NSX-T
  •   Automatic integration between vRealize Operations Cloud and vRealize Log Insight Cloud for log analytics

Learn more about vRealize Operations 8.1 

Learn more about vRealize Operations Cloud


VMware vRealize Network Insight/vRealize Network Insight Cloud

vRealize Network Insight/vRealize Network Insight Cloud help discover, optimize, and troubleshoot application security and network connectivity across the hybrid cloud. VMware Cloud on AWS customers can auto-discover applications and map dependencies to reduce application migration risk. 

Post-migration, it provides firewall rules recommendations to implement micro-segmentation security for applications, and network day-2 operations including support for the latest NSX-T. It provides complete end-to-end network visibility across VMware Cloud on AWS, AWS and on-premises SDDC to troubleshoot security and networking between VMs in VMware Cloud on AWS and vSphere-based private cloud, or AWS. New capabilities include:

  •   AWS direct connect support for flow stitching across AWS native VPC environments and VMware Cloud on AWS environments
  •   New VMware Cloud on AWS dashboards with SDDC context providing the ability to visualize properties, health alerts, VM-VM path and analytics such as outliers and threshold
  •   VMware Cloud on AWS Edge Firewall Support

Learn more about vRealize Network Insight


VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud 

Formerly called VMware Log Intelligence, vRealize Log Insight Cloud is a VMware cloud service that collects and analyzes log data generated by all resources in your VMware Cloud on AWS environment to centralize log management, accelerate IT troubleshooting, and provide deep operational visibility across VMware Cloud on AWS and private cloud environments or even applications. 

Every VMware Cloud on AWS subscription includes certain vRealize Log Insight Cloud features focused on audit and diagnostic capabilities, with the ability to upgrade to the full product. VMware continues our commitment to building momentum with vRealize Log Insight Cloud use cases. This service is rapidly evolving – discover what’s new with vRealize Log Insight Cloud.


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