VMware vRealize Operations Cloud

Introducing VMware vRealize Operations Cloud

VMware vRealize Operations Cloud has hit the market, delivering a new way for IT teams to achieve consistent operations on their journey to cloud. See what some organizations have to say about the tool, and find out more about how it solves business and technical challenges when it comes to cloud. 

Purpose-built for the cloud, I’m pleased to announce the new VMware vRealize Operations Cloud is now available!  We hear from customers their application portfolios are growing, containers and Kubernetes are having an impact, and cloud adoption is on the rise. Yet, IT operations is a perceived and (some might say) real impediment to achieving cloud benefits. With vRealize Operations Cloud, we can help ease your organization’s journey to cloud, wherever you may be on that journey, and simplify aligning your IT operations with your cloud strategy for consistent operations.

Since we announced the tech preview of vRealize Operations Cloud at VMworld 2019 US, customers have asked us a myriad of questions. And we’re providing a way for you to meet our experts and ask them directly by joining our webinar on April 16. Some commonly asked questions include what are the features? How is it priced? What do I do with my existing licenses? All great questions for which we have answers. vRealize Operations Cloud delivers all the capabilities of on-premises, along with the benefits of SaaS, including:

  • Common user interface as on-prem
  • Feature parity with on-prem
  • Same features as the 8.1 release
  • Same features as Enterprise Edition
  • Easy on-boarding
  • In-product support tab
  • Integrates with vRealize Log Insight Cloud, vRealize Network Insight Cloud, and vRealize Automation Cloud
  • Supports VMware and third-party management packs
  • Priced by OSI per with on-demand and 1-2 year & 3-5 year commitments
  • Ability to upgrade existing perpetual vRealize Operations to subscription vRealize Operations Cloud and get a discount of up to 25% of list price


What do customers think of vRealize Operations Cloud?

You might be asking yourself, what do organizations like mine have to say about vRealize Operations Cloud?  Customers managing hundreds of VMs to tens of thousands of VMs across various verticals, such as healthcare, financial services, professional consulting, and education, tell us their experience with vRealize Operations Cloud is consistent with on-prem, and more, because it’s SaaS. This is what they’re saying.


Börse Stuttgart Boosts Operational Efficiency with Cloud Operations

“VMware vRealize Operations Cloud works smoothly, without my influence. I get a message before an upgrade, then it happens automatically. A few minutes later, I get another saying everything is finished. I’m saving up to 10 hours a month on upgrades and troubleshooting. That’s success to me.”

—Stephen Wiechert, IT System Specialist at German stock exchange, Börse Stuttgart AG


Tabcorp IT Teams Opt into Cloud Operations to Free Technologists’ Time

“The value of moving to VMware for SaaS-based IT operations is threefold: We cut pre-production planning time by two days which gives us time to focus on metrics, dashboards, and other value-added capabilities. Everyone authorized has access to the same release features, regardless of their work location which is critical in uncertain times, and we’re ready if we quickly need to scale out.”

– Jason Bentley, Infrastructure Engineer at Australian entertainment company, Tabcorp


Trilogy Optimizes Cloud Environment and Performance

“With VMware vRealize Operations Cloud, we were able to gain full visibility across our environment–which we didn’t have previously. The insight delivered by the SaaS service led us to immediately reduce our hosts by 20 percent–saving us thousands of dollars in the process. In less than a week, we were able to right-size our environment, optimize our performance, and see what we needed for capacity planning.”

Fuat Ulugay, SaaS Operations Manager, Trilogy


Other customers told us:

“I was really taken by how incredibly easy the deployment was. I don’t know if I’ve had an easier experience; maybe with the installation of WinZip.”

– Senior Engineer


“It started collecting within minutes. Everything just worked. And the responsiveness is just like it’s on-prem.”

– System Engineer


“It was nice to see the exact same results. I could see a completely new instance getting the same infrastructure monitoring and reporting as on-prem.”

– Lead Systems Administrator


Why are organizations moving to vRealize Operations Cloud?

Customers also tell us they’re investing in IT operations as a service to ensure their workloads perform optimally, wherever they deploy, run, and manage them. Specifically, organizations now see vRealize Operations Cloud as a way to reach untapped objectives, including:

Insurance Company

  • Operational Agility – Automation allows this customer with a limited IT staff to meet internal SLAs, which frees time for other priorities, such as supporting applications for their internal business units.

Healthcare / Technology

  • IT Modernization – This customer is already well on their way to hybrid cloud, and they would like to shift maintenance and upgrades to a cloud provider, reducing their IT burdens.

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

  • Accelerate Innovation – This healthcare customer needs to increase growth and accelerate innovation in research and development by reducing time to market of their clinical trials.

Global Consulting Firm

  • Digital transformation – This firm says they have demanding customers all over the world, and they would like to increase their responsiveness. Therefore, greater flexibility, infinite capacity, and quicker scalability will allow them to respond faster to their customers’ needs.

Oil & Gas

  • Mergers & acquisitions – With an acquisition-based growth strategy, this customer would like to consolidate their IT environments and better enable the distributed IT staff. Federation and a single console will ease onboarding and management across data centers/environments.


What are the advantages of SaaS-based IT operations?

Cloud success depends on how effectively and efficiently your team can manage workload agility and costs.  Although legacy IT operations solutions are usually not as equipped to make sure you have consistent operations across your infrastructure. The SaaS approach of vRealize Operations Cloud allows you and your organization to manage your virtualized workloads everywhere they run, so you can achieve benefits like these:

  • Improve operational agility by shifting routine IT tasks of maintenance and upgrades to VMware.
  • Rapid scalability by increasing infrastructure on-demand, dynamically and reliably to allow for growth at your own pace and to pay only for what you use.
  • Speed of innovation by experiencing quicker deployments with the latest features and instant updates.
  • Increased flexibility by adapting to changes in the market conditions with minimal risk, less complexity, and reduced commitment.
  • Trust knowing that our SaaS solution is built with security, privacy, compliance and resiliency.


What is vRealize Operations Cloud?

vRealize Operations Cloud is a unified operations platform that offers a powerful strategy for automating and simplifying operations management with AI. This allows your IT team to move from reactive troubleshooting to predictive innovation. Across the stack from applications to infrastructure, vRealize Operations Cloud can address the business and technical challenges that IT teams face and optimize, plan, and scale VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cloud on AWS environments through these main capabilities:

  • Continuous performance optimization to reduce unplanned downtime
  • Efficient capacity and cost management to lower costs
  • App-aware intelligent remediation to speed time to value
  • Integrated SDDC configuration and compliance to mitigate risk


How can I get started?

To learn more about what else is happening with vRealize Operations Cloud, try one of these resources:

  • Website: Read more details on the VMware vRealize Operations website.
  • Webinar: Register for the April 16 webinar to hear why IT operations as a service is the future, see a live onboarding demo, and ask questions of our SRE expert.
  • eBook: See if your IT operations is ready for cloud, the three phases of the journey, and how to simplify aligning your IT operations with your cloud strategy.
  • Pricing: Learn about pricing and the Subscription Upgrade Program to get 25% of list price upgrading perpetual vRealize Operations to subscription vRealize Operations Cloud.
  • Join the Conversation: Follow us on Twitter and give us a shout with #vROpsCloud