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Podcast: Maturing Your Approach to Multi-Cloud Operations

Organizations with a high level of operational performance maturity will gain the maximum benefits from cloud computing, according to the heads of product marketing and product management at CloudHealth by VMware, Rachel Dines and Ennio Carboni. In a new podcast, they reveal an effective model that enables assimilation to new infrastructures and processes for higher operational maturity.

In a new podcast, Rachel Dines and Ennio Carboni, the leaders of product marketing and product management respectively at CloudHealth by VMware discuss how the capabilities that of CloudHealth can help organizations gain the maximum benefits from their cloud infrastructure.  The maturity model that the CloudHealth team has developed reinforces the natural progression that most organizations go through as they move from first embracing cloud computing to increasing their effectiveness in using the cloud to achieve their business objectives.

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The Challenge of Cloud Complexity

The decentralized nature of the public cloud, the massive number of distributed objects that must be managed, and the rapid pace of change in your public cloud environment make the management of applications running on the cloud extremely challenging. For  teams that have some level of responsibility for managing multiple clouds, the increase in complexity can be orders of magnitude greater than that of managing a single public cloud.

CloudHealth by VMware has been a pioneer in the area of improving operational efficiency of the public cloud for many years. As of today, CloudHealth by VMware is helping more than 9,000 customers manage over  $10 billion in cloud expenditure. The CloudHealth team’s experience has shown that when organizations go from an unmanaged state as they first begin operations in the cloud to one where they have strong visibility into cloud operations, they can dramatically improve their efficiency and financial performance.  


Four Steps to Operational Maturity

In the latest podcast, Rachel and Ennio walk us through their model for achieving operational maturity in a cloud environment. 

The first step is achieving visibility across any combination of clouds in use. This visibility increases accountability and lays the foundation for optimizing resource usage to drive down costs and improve the security posture of the organization. The next step for most organizations is leveraging policy and automation to put in place guardrails that help them continuously optimize operations in a way that accelerates, rather than hinders, the agility they were initially seeking from the cloud.

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