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As the world is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone facing these difficult times. VMware is actively monitoring the ongoing developments of the COVID-19 outbreak and we are doing everything we can to support our extended VMware family- employees, customers and partners. Read the message from Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO

In this critical time, people from around the world are impacted and organizations are experiencing a number of changes in their business operations. Many organizations have either recommended or mandated employees to work from home as a result of this global health crisis. Large gatherings such as business conventions are getting cancelled or are moving to a virtual event format. Potential supply chain disruptions threaten normal business operations. Public sector, educational institutes or healthcare businesses may need to instantly scale their infrastructure in order to respond to this outbreak. These changes present significant challenges in operational continuity for business and from an IT infrastructure standpoint, there are several that come to mind:

  • Inability to procure and set up infrastructure capacity rapidly to handle urgent and exigent demand, especially with the risk of potential hardware supply chain disruptions
  • Inability for IT infrastructure personnel to maintain IT infrastructure due to travel restrictions, increasing risk of workload downtime
  • Inability to support a remote workforce, a need driven by voluntary or government mandated office closures
  • Having to learn new skills, tools and processes in a very short time when considering other public cloud options to support business continuity


And that’s where VMware Cloud on AWS can help businesses continue their operations with minimal disruptions. VMware Cloud on AWS addresses these challenges by delivering a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud solution that extends on-premises vSphere environments to a VMware SDDC running in elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure. It delivers a more scalable, intrinsically secure vSphere environment as a service in the AWS Cloud. Customers can use familiar VMware tools and can use their existing teams, skillsets and processes to leverage the service for their capacity needs. And they can get environment up and running in less than 2 hours with consistent infrastructure and operations across their on-premises and cloud environments


How can VMware Cloud on AWS help organizations with business continuity?

VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware Site Recovery and VMware Horizon 7 for VMware Cloud on AWS can help businesses alleviate potential business disruptions in 3 ways:

  • Infrastructure products supply chain and maintenance disruptions: As the health crisis unfolds, hardware supply chains could get disrupted. The already long procurement cycles for on-premises infrastructure are going to likely extended even further. With VMware Cloud on AWS, organizations can augment their capacity needs by having a consistent infrastructure up and running in the cloud in under 2 hours across any of the 17 AWS Regions worldwide. Moreover, you can scale the VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure in minutes on-demand as soon as a need arises. For example, healthcare providers are dealing with the sudden surge in demand due to high-scale of testing and treatment for COVID-19 and they want to scale their infrastructure rapidly in order to support scaling of healthcare applications and securing clinician workspaces, trade conventions requiring temporary IT capacity for hosting virtual events, and schools/educational institutions moving to online education platforms for which they need to spin up infrastructure capacity rapidly.
  • Infrastructure risk mitigation due to crisis related restrictions: Regular maintenance of infrastructure facilities may not be possible due to travel ban. Further, in case of a potential catastrophic event, infrastructure personnel may not have the ability to get their environments up and running. You can get proactive disaster avoidance with VMware Site Recovery and VMware Cloud on AWS​.
  • Aid remote workers and alleviate office closures:As organizations are asking employees, temporary workers and contractors to work remotely, they need to setup virtual desktop infrastructure for the remote workforce. With Horizon 7 running on VMware Cloud on AWS, they can setup this virtual infrastructure in few minutes. Examples include public sector personnel, small businesses, K-12 schools and enterprises that have mandated or encouraged working remotely to address the health crisis. CEPSA, one of the leading energy companies in Spain that operates across all five continents, responded kept their employees safe by providing additional virtual desktops in shortest possible time with the help of VMware Cloud on AWS


In our effort to help customers with business continuity over this uncertain period, VMware Cloud on AWS is providing some special offers for a limited time. Please reach out to your sales representatives to discuss your options.


Let’s face these difficult times and get through this together.  We are here to help. 

Check out our latest podcast on Business continuity with VMware Cloud on AWS where we have talked about how we can help customers in continuing their business operations in current situation.

For more in depth information, please visit the VMware Cloud on AWS for Business Continuity site where you can learn how VMware Cloud on AWS can help businesses alleviate potential business disruptions with solution briefs, evaluation guides and case studies, then get a deep dive with the hands-on lab.

Download Enterprise Guide to Scaling on Demand eBook to explore how VMware Cloud on AWS can help organizations scale on-demand to minimize the business disruptions.

Also, now you can get started by purchasing VMware Cloud on AWS online.

You can learn more about the special offers VMware is providing to help you maintain business continuity here


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