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VMware vRealize Automation Cloud, 02.20 Launch

In our second newsletter for 2020, we share three enterprise-grade capabilities that were added to vRealize Automation Cloud in February. Learn about new approval policies, an integration with Ansible Tower, and persistent storage on-demand.

vRealize Automation Cloud is maturing fast. We’re delighted to announce that some critical enterprise capabilities were added in February. Read on to see what’s new. 


Approval Policies 

Approvals are critical to enforce the right level of control for your cloud organization. Enterprises that are running multiple projects – potentially using overlapping resource pools – need to apply an increased level of governance for critical resources and projects. By gating deployment actions, organizations can optimize their allocation and ensure compliance and security for their workloads. 

Along with access, lease, naming and tagging policies, approvals make up a powerful governance engine built to support modern enterprises in their quest to maximize velocity without losing control. 


Learn how they can be used.


Ansible Tower Integration

We now have a powerful integration with Ansible Tower in addition to Ansible open source!

Ansible components will be directly consumable through the blueprint editor as a first-class citizen for new and existing deployments.

Powered by declarative Infrastructure-as-Code, vRA Cloud with Ansible Tower can address infrastructure orchestration and configuration management at scale. Whether dealing with stateful or stateless workloads, vRA Cloud with Ansible Tower can manage it. 


Learn more


Persistent Disk

Organizations commonly request storage-as-a-service. vRA Cloud now has an API to provision persistent storage on-demand, standalone or as part of a blueprint. Persistent storage as a canvas object will be coming up in the next few months.


More to Come

Be on the lookout for our 03.30 launch. We have several exciting features in the pipeline – the Code Stream pipeline 😉

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