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VMware Cloud Marketplace: Discover and Deploy 150+ VMware Cloud on AWS Partner Solutions

VMware Cloud Marketplace now has over 150 ISV and open-source ecosystem solutions validated for VMware Cloud on AWS, giving you a secure and easy way to extend your cloud capabilities. Discover how easy it is to deploy trusted third-party solutions to VMware Cloud on AWS via the Marketplace.

VMware Cloud on AWS is a hybrid cloud offering from VMware that enables customers to extend their on-premises vSphere environments to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. 

Three years on from the launch of the service, we are excited to showcase a strong and growing ecosystem of third-party solutions that support VMware Cloud on AWS. Today, over 150 solutions from ISVs and open-source are validated on VMware Cloud on AWS – and the list is growing. 

Solutions available on VMware Cloud Marketplace

At VMworld 2019, we evolved the VMware partner ecosystem from a listings-based marketplace to a managed, engineered, and curated marketplace called the  VMware Cloud Marketplace. It offers a robust catalog across a variety of categories – including ISV and open source solutions across backup & recovery, security, operating systems, storage and more. 

Using VMware Cloud Marketplace, customers can deploy solutions directly to a variety of endpoints, such as specific Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs) on VMware Cloud on AWS.  

VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud Marketplace are two integral pieces of the VMware cloud ecosystem. Through our cohesive cloud strategy, we seek to enable our customers to build, run, manage, and connect their applications on any cloud. These two offerings provide our customers with the choice, simplicity, flexibility, security, and visibility for successful cloud-based operations.

Extending the capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS enables customers to effectively transition to a hybrid cloud strategy in a number of ways: 

  • Cloud migration such as data center evacuation, application specific migration or infrastructure refresh
  • Extending on-premises environment to the cloud, which allows customers to expand their footprint, meet on-demand burst capacity needs, provide virtual desktop infrastructure to temporary workers, and more
  • Disaster recovery

With VMware Cloud Marketplace, users can extend the capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS by utilizing a large catalog of third-party solutions. For example, users looking for an enterprise-grade back-up solution can search for a suitable, validated application on the Marketplace. Moreover, users can then directly deploy the third-party solution without having to leave the VMware environment – via the Marketplace, the solution is immediately available within the VMware Cloud on AWS content library.

“VMware Cloud Marketplace completes the picture. VMware Cloud on AWS customers require a variety of services to surround their VMC workloads, and to enhance, protect, and maximize business value. Expanding the ecosystem of capabilities that VMC offers to its customers allows them to make the most of their cloud investment.” – VMware Cloud on AWS Sales Specialist, Americas region


Benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud Marketplace 

There are significant benefits in utilizing VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud Marketplace together:

  • Robust solutions catalog: VMware Cloud Marketplace currently features ~150 solutions (open-source and ISV-published) that have received the “Partner Ready for VMware Cloud on AWS” certification and are thus guaranteed to work seamlessly on the platform.

  • Trusted access: The Marketplace is custom-built within VMware’s Cloud Service Portal (CSP), which offers a federated, single-login access for users within an organization. Moreover, CSP enables users to access all of their VMware services through a simple, unified console
  • Ease of use: The Marketplace can be utilized by any user of VMware Cloud on AWS. For more information on how to attach VMware Cloud Marketplace as a service in your organization’s CSP Console, please read the CSP User Guide.
  • Adaptability: VMware Cloud Marketplace is designed to work across a variety of customer needs. For example, our “pull” feature allows VMware Cloud on AWS users to access the Marketplace from behind a firewall. Also, our Private Product feature lets users share customized, in-house solutions with other users in their organization – through the Marketplace! 

“VMware Cloud Marketplace will help VMware Cloud customers find and quickly deploy the third-party solutions they need, and will provide a new transformational way of integrating and architecting their vSphere-based applications in the Cloud.” – Dave Cook, Cloud Sales Specialist 



Now that we’ve reviewed the advantages of using VMware Cloud Marketplace for VMware Cloud on AWS, let’s take a quick look at how exactly deployment works. See the demo below:

Step-by-step instructions for deploying solutions on VMware Cloud on AWS can be found in the documentation.


Next steps

For further information on VMware Cloud Marketplace, please read our blog from August 2019 announcing the initial availability.

To arrange a meeting about VMware Cloud Marketplace, please contact us at VMwareCloudMarketplaceTeam@groups.vmware.com. If you plan to attend upcoming industry events (such as RSA 2020 from Feb 24-27), we would be happy to meet you in person – send us a note!

For more information on the optimized operations between VMware Cloud Marketplace and VMware Cloud on AWS, please attend our upcoming webinar on March 19, 2020. Look for the link soon.


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