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Commit Now – Pay Monthly!

Announcing an exciting new feature in VMWare Cloud on AWS. Whereas customers used to pay upfront for their term commitment, now you can make a 1-year or 3-year commitment and pay in convenient monthly installments. Find out how it works.

We’re happy to announce a new feature in VMware Cloud on AWS. You can pay for your 1-year or 3-year term commitment with convenient monthly installments. 

Please note that monthly billing option is available in Preview. Please contact your sales representative for eligibility and learn more about how you can benefit from monthly billing.

Today you have the option of purchasing a 1 or a 3-year subscription on VMware Cloud on AWS. This commitment allows you to benefit from a discounted rate compared to the on-demand rates. We offer two payment options:

  1. Pay Upfront – provides the largest discount and biggest financial benefit. You pay for the commitment in full and upfront for a 1 or a 3-year term
  2. New! Pay in Monthly Installments – paying for the 1 or 3- year term via monthly installments. Monthly payment option is best utilized when using a purchase order as a payment method – please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or sales representative to learn more about how you can benefit from monthly billing.

Monthly or Upfront payments will be charged regardless of consumption or usage.

You can learn more about it in our Pricing FAQs

You’ll find the monthly payment option in the Subscription Creation tab on the VMware Cloud on AWS Console. You’ll see the upfront payment option is there too.  

Common questions: 

1. I want to pay monthly for my term commitments – which payment methods can I use?

Monthly billing option is only available to qualified pay by invoice transactions directly through VMware or purchases from a Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner under the VMware Cloud Provider Program. Please contact your VMware sales or MSP partner representative for eligibility.

2. What are my payment options for 1-year and 3-year subscriptions?

You can either pay upfront and in full or pay monthly. In both payment options the commitment is for either 1- or 3-year terms

3. How do I create a subscription for 1-year and 3-year subscription options?

After you land on the VMware Cloud on AWS Console, you can click on the “subscription” tab in the navigation bar to create a subscription. Once the subscription is created, you can start enjoying the discounted rate for the number of hosts that you purchase. Please note that the subscription is charged either upfront in full or monthly to your payment method.

4. Can I cancel a monthly billed subscription?

No, subscriptions are not cancelable – you are liable for either 1- or 3-year full term payments

5. How will I be billed when buying a monthly billed subscription?

Your first and last month charge will be pro-rated, depending on your billing cycle. When purchasing a monthly billed subscription, you will be immediately billed, and an invoice will be sent for the first month pro-rated amount. All reminding months will be billed on your regular billing cycle.

6. I bought a 3-year monthly billed subscription, but my SPP credit fund will expire before my term ends, what should I do?

Please reach out to sales or to your customer success representative to make sure you have sufficient credits for the appropriate 1 or 3-year commitment duration

7. Can I change an upfront paid subscription to monthly? Can I change a monthly billed subscription to upfront payment?

No, you cannot change the payment plan once subscription is purchased



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