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vRealize Automation Cloud January Launch

In our first newsletter of the new year, we share three exciting developments for vRealize Automation Cloud (vRAC). Read about Terraform Provider for Cloud Assembly and OVA as a Catalog Item. Plus vRAC is now in AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney), allowing hosting throughout the region.


Happy New Year and welcome to our vRealize Automation Cloud – January edition! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday celebrations with friends and family, along with time for relaxation and reflection. 

We’re pleased to share our first newsletter of 2020 with you. This month we are announcing and Terraform Provider for Cloud Assembly, among others: 

  1. Terraform Provider for Cloud Assembly: Leverage Terraform to consume and manage the lifecycle of cloud agnostic blueprints via Cloud Assembly. Read more!
  2. OVA as a Catalog Item: Deploy marketplace OVA files directly via Service Broker catalog. Read more!
  3. AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney): vRealize Automation Cloud availability in AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney), enables hosting in that region.

Visit our vRealize Automation Cloud webpage to explore a complete feature list. Also, you can easily request a demo and evaluate vRealize Automation Cloud by signing up for a 45-day free trial: https://cloud.vmware.com/cloud-automation-services#get-started

Read our latest blogs to learn how vRealize Automation empowers agility with Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and Action Based Extensibility(ABX).

Stay tuned as we will be adding new exciting features every month!