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HCX Cloud 2 Cloud Mobility: Simplifying migrations between and across cloud providers

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What if you could connect two completely heterogeneous, isolated, legacy/modern clouds directly? If you could have two destination sites communicate directly – without the need to use a hub. 

You’d move from a CapEX to an OpEX model – and open up a world of possibility. Now you can. Discover the power of true multi-cloud hybridity. Discover HCX Cloud 2 Cloud.


What if you could abstract isolated modern SDDC infrastructures together to enable hybridity operations? And what if you could do it across different public cloud providers? It would revolutionize your hybrid cloud, allowing you to:

  1. Move from a CapEX to an OpEX business model, 
  2. Consolidate legacy data centers into modern SDDCs, 
  3. Replace their on-premise environments with public cloud SDDC infrastructures such as VMware Cloud on AWS, Azure VMware Solution or CenturyLink Private Cloud

Now you can do all that – and more, with the new HCX Cloud 2 Cloud functionality.

HCX’s core hybridity operations form the framework that makes it all possible. This framework comprises three core elements:

  • Site Pairing connects 2 completely heterogenous, isolated, legacy/modern Clouds over a highly performant encrypted tunnel. 
  • Network Extension stretches existing networks for seamless network connectivity irrespective of where the workload resides.
  • Migrations and Protection provides Bi-directional mobility and protection for workloads.

In HCX Cloud 2 Cloud, you’ll find all the power of our HCX Advanced offering plus a suite of even more potent features.


As you can see in the above image, without Cloud 2 Cloud, mission critical workloads from one destination site must use a hop to get to a second destination site.

With HCX Cloud 2 Cloud, the 2 destination sites can now communicate directly. All Site operations are available with HCX Cloud 2 Cloud, which means you get true multi-cloud hybridity. 

HCX Cloud 2 Cloud expands hybrid cloud into multi-cloud hybridity. That gives you true Bi-directional Mobility between: 

  • Multiple Intra Clouds (one region of VMC – to another region of VMC)
  • Multiple Inter Clouds (2 different cloud vendors)
  • Multiple Public and Private Cloud
Possible multi-cloud architectures


HCX Advanced now includes HCX Cloud 2 Cloud as standard.

Ready to enable HCX Cloud 2 Cloud? You just need a few things in place first:

  • The January release of HCX bits.
  • vCenter-based Destination Sites only. 
    • VCD and VIO-based Destination Sites are currently on the roadmap. 
  • Firewall rules for outbound and inbound communication across destination sites that you expect to pair.

To help you enable HCX Cloud to Cloud we’ve added some key enhancements to the new product –

  • New HCX Plugin registered on the destination site. Previously the plugin existed only on the source site.
  • Standalone UI available on the destination site now includes hybridity operations.
  • Pairing needs to be initiated by providing the cloud side url and credentials.

Whether you’re an Enterprise Customer, Service Provider or a VMware Partner, combine HCX Enterprise with HCX Cloud 2 Cloud and enjoy seamless mission-critical workload mobility, while future-protecting your investments.